Mixology: Spirit of Ilmington’s Artisan Apple Vodka Earns Rave Reviews with Alan Titchmarsh’s Endorsement

TechWizard: Apple Vodka Gets a Plug from Alan Titchmarsh

TechWizard: Apple Vodka Gets a Plug from Alan Titchmarsh

Villagers from Ilmington are ‘thrilled’ that their apple spirit vodka will be featured on national TV alongside Alan Titchmarsh. The drink, made using local apples, has been dubbed “delicious” and has been well-received by the celebrity gardener. The apple vodka is produced by artisan press and distillery ‘Spirit of Ilmington’, which also offers other fruit-infused drinks such as apple brandy, damson gin, raspberry gin, rhubarb gin, apple-spiced rum, and four fruit liqueurs.

The brains behind the operation are Ilmington residents Bill Buckley and Rupert Wyles. Bill, a retired accountant in his 80s, moved to Ilmington from London nine years ago and discovered the village’s reputation for orchards and heritage apples. He became friends with Rupert, 71, who had recently stepped back from running his family’s wine merchant business, and they began making cider together using apples that would have otherwise gone to waste. What started as a hobby quickly turned into a successful enterprise.

Bill and Rupert were surprised when they received a call from the production team of Alan Titchmarsh’s show, asking if they would like their vodka to be featured. They gladly accepted the offer and are excited to see their vodka on ITV’s Love Your Weekend programme. According to Bill, the vodka has been described as delicious and has been well-received by Alan and his guests.

The apple vodka is made by crushing apples and extracting the juice using a hydropress. Distillation is done using a copper alembic pot still imported from Portugal. The other fruit-infused drinks are made with fruit grown in the Vale of Evesham. The drinks are available at various outlets across Warwickshire and the Cotswolds, as well as online through the Spirit of Ilmington website.

Bill and Rupert, along with their fellow villagers, plan to watch the Love Your Weekend episode together when it airs on 1st October. Bill believes that their apple vodka caught the attention of Alan Titchmarsh and the programme makers because it offers something different, and people are always looking for unique experiences.