Mitsubishi Electric and Nozomi Networks Join Forces to Enhance OT Security Solutions

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has partnered with Nozomi Networks Inc to enhance operational technology (OT) security solutions. By integrating FA equipment and OT security solutions with Nozomi Networks’ technologies, they aim to provide robust security and continuous system operation. This collaboration will also incorporate the products and technologies of Mitsubishi Electric partners TXOne and Dispel to offer comprehensive OT security measures.

One key takeaway from this collaboration is the focus on creating secure environments for OT data usage to accelerate digital manufacturing processes. Mitsubishi Electric’s one-stop OT security solutions will help protect manufacturing sites from cyberattacks and strengthen the Circular Digital-Engineering business.

Additionally, Mitsubishi Electric’s extensive experience in IT security technologies across various industries, including finance, positions them well to provide comprehensive services for manufacturing control equipment and systems. This partnership aims to provide a full range of services, from assessment and consulting to countermeasures and operational support.

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