Master Your Inbox with Gmail on Android’s Game-Changing ‘Select All’ Feature

Gmail on Android introduces ‘Select All’ feature for managing emails

Google Enhances Gmail Experience for Android Users with ‘Select All’ Button

Google is introducing a new “Select all” button in Gmail for Android, allowing users to efficiently manage their emails. This feature, previously available only on the web application, will be displayed when users begin selecting multiple emails simultaneously. However, the “Select all” button on Gmail for Android has a limit of 50 emails, similar to the web version. Despite this limitation, it still offers a convenient way to manage emails on mobile devices. The rollout of this feature is a server-side change, so users may not see it immediately but should expect it to become available soon.

Google Expands Availability of AI-Powered Coding Assistant, Studio Bot

Google has expanded the availability of Studio Bot, an AI-powered coding assistant, to India and other countries. Initially introduced to Android developers in the United States, Studio Bot assists developers in building apps by generating code, troubleshooting errors, and answering questions related to Android development. It provides a conversational experience within Android Studio, making Android app development more efficient and productive. This expansion aligns with Google’s commitment to supporting developers worldwide and facilitating their work in Android app development.