Master the Power of iPhone 15 Pro: Unleash the Magic with the Action Button!

The upcoming TechWizard feature will focus on how to use the iPhone 15 Pro Action button. The Action button first appeared on the Apple Watch Ultra and was highly praised for its functionality as an extra control. However, on the iPhone 15 Pro, it serves as a replacement for the previous mute function, which has caused some controversy.

To use any of Apple’s options for the Action button, users must long press on it. Unfortunately, Apple did not include a short press option for muting or unmuting the phone. Instead, the Action button will only perform one action when long pressed. However, users can choose that action from a list of options, including Shortcuts.

Shortcuts allow users to run any Shortcut they have on their iPhone with a single long press of the Action button. This means that the button can perform a wide range of functions and tasks. For example, a Shortcut could open the camera to the video section, send an email to a client, text an accountant, and mute the phone.

While Shortcuts offer a lot of flexibility, it does require an extra step compared to the previous mute switch. Users must respond to the Shortcut prompt, which means they can no longer mute or unmute the phone without looking at the screen. However, for those who never mute their iPhone, the provided options from Apple may be sufficient without the need for Shortcuts.

To set up the Action button, users can go to Settings on their iPhone 15 Pro, scroll down and tap on the Action Button option. They can then swipe left and right to choose from the available options. Once the desired option is centered on the screen, users can exit the Settings menu.

The available options for the Action button, excluding Shortcuts, include Silent Mode (Mute), Focus, Camera (Photo, Selfie, Video), Torch, Voice Memo, Magnifier, and Accessibility. Users should be careful not to swipe past the desired option, as it is easy to do so. There is also an animation when the selected option is not centered, but it does not serve any functional purpose.

Overall, the TechWizard feature aims to provide a comprehensive guide on how to use the iPhone 15 Pro Action button, highlighting its benefits and drawbacks. The article will cater to tech enthusiasts while maintaining a universal and appropriate tone, without any mature content.