Massive Tech Layoffs: 46 Companies Cut 7,500 Jobs in 2024’s First 2 Weeks

off employees from the companies. Highlight the impact of generative AI (GenAI) on the job market and the global scale of the layoffs. Emphasize the specific numbers of employees laid off by tech companies, including startups, and the potential impact on the Indian workforce. Mention the significant layoffs by well-known tech companies such as Frontdesk, Unity, Google, Audible, Meta, Veeam Software, Pixar, and Citigroup.

Next, delve into the details of the layoffs, including the methods used by companies to notify employees, the percentage of the workforce being laid off, and the reasons provided by the companies for the job cuts. Provide insights into the broader implications of these layoffs on the tech industry and the global economy.

Then, offer a unique perspective or analysis on the situation, such as the potential long-term effects of these layoffs on the tech industry, the role of automation and AI in job displacement, and the strategies that employees and job seekers can adopt in response to these developments.

Conclude the piece with a call to action or a forward-looking statement, encouraging readers to stay informed about the evolving landscape of the tech industry and to adapt to the changing job market. Finally, include a brief mention of related content or resources for further reading.