Istanbul’s Vefahane Center Revolutionizes Elderly Care with Tech Empowerment

Istanbul’s Vefahane Center Revolutionizes Elderly Care with Tech Empowerment

Empowering Elderly Citizens with Technology at Istanbul’s Vefahane Life Center

Essential Takeaways:

  • Elderly citizens in Istanbul are enhancing their digital literacy skills through technology training sessions at the Vefahane Life Center.
  • Dedicated instructors like Fatma Koç guide elderly students in efficiently using smartphones for various tasks, from social media to online appointments.

At the Vefahane Life Center in Istanbul’s Bağcılar, elderly citizens are bridging the gap with their children and grandchildren by embracing technology. Unlike younger generations, these individuals face challenges adapting to the digital world but are determined to enhance their digital literacy skills through rigorous training sessions at the center.

Equipped with smartphones, either gifted by their children or acquired independently, elderly students dive into lessons guided by instructors like Fatma Koç. Koç ensures personalized attention to help students operate their smartphones efficiently, from sending photos via WhatsApp to making hospital appointments through the Central Physician Appointment System (MHRS).

Unlocking New Connections and Experiences

Students like Hatice Alsaç and Türkan Güngör have found a new sense of connection with their families through social media. Alsaç shares how her life has become easier since virtually connecting with her son who lives in another city, while Güngör, who never had a phone before, now follows her children and grandchildren on social media to stay updated on their activities.

Through the guidance of instructors at the center, students like Zeliha Şimşek and Gülferiye Yıldız have expanded their digital horizons, learning to use various applications on their smartphones. Şimşek enjoys watching news and videos on her phone, while Yıldız has embraced online ticket booking and communication with friends and family through social media platforms.

With the support of the Vefahane Life Center, elderly citizens are not only learning to navigate the digital world but also fostering new connections, exploring new experiences, and enriching their lives through technology.