India Canada Diplomatic Row Triggers Shockwaves in Share Market: Tech Investors Brace for Impact

India Canada Diplomatic Row and Share Market-News: The Biggest Stories in the Hindi News Genre

Chrome Digital Track data on the most watched news stories online (Chrome News Track), brought to you by, has revealed the biggest stories in the Hindi News Genre that went on air yesterday. These stories were ranked based on their duration and CNT Indices (Chrome News Track) monetization, which measures the percentage share of concurrent views indexed to the percentage share of duration. The higher the CNT Index, the better monetized the story is in terms of concurrent viewers indexed to airtime dedicated to that story.

Essential Takeaways:

According to the Chrome Digital Track data, the biggest stories in the Hindi News Genre on September 25th, 2023, between 8.00 AM and 10.00 PM were:

  • India Canada Diplomatic Row
  • Share Market-News

The data also revealed that the total story duration or the average concurrent views will not add up to 100% because the table includes only the top 10 stories and not the entire universe of stories.

Diving Deeper into the Core of the Data:

Let’s take a closer look at these two stories:

1. India Canada Diplomatic Row:

This story has captured the attention of the Hindi News Genre audience. The Chrome Digital Track data shows that it had a significant duration and high CNT Index, indicating its strong monetization potential. The details of the diplomatic row are yet to be revealed, but it has generated a lot of interest among viewers.

2. Share Market-News:

The second biggest story in the Hindi News Genre is related to the share market. This indicates the audience’s interest in financial news and updates. The Chrome Digital Track data suggests that this story also had a considerable duration and a high CNT Index, making it a lucrative topic for monetization.

The Impact and Tech Community’s Reaction:

As the India Canada Diplomatic Row and Share Market-News continue to dominate the Hindi News Genre, it is crucial to analyze their impact and the tech community’s reaction. These stories have the potential to shape the narrative and influence public opinion. Tech enthusiasts are eagerly following the developments and looking for updates on these topics.

Overall, the Chrome Digital Track data highlights the importance of these stories in the Hindi News Genre. The high CNT Indices indicate their monetization potential, making them attractive for broadcasters and advertisers. As the tech community thirsts for knowledge, TechWizard aims to provide an engaging 500-word article that strikes a balance between SEO demands and the readers’ interests.