Hydroelectric Power Generation: UDSM and Japanese Company Forge Groundbreaking Partnership in Advanced Technology

UDSM Partners with Japanese Company to Introduce Micro Hydroelectric Generators Technology

In an effort to address the challenge of electricity in rural areas, the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) is seeking a partnership with Japanese company Sumino Seisakusho to introduce a new technology for producing micro hydroelectric generators. The collaboration was discussed during a meeting between UDSM Deputy Vice Chancellor, Professor Nelson Boniface, and the company’s delegation, following an invitation from the Japanese ambassador to Tanzania, Yasushi Misawa.

The technology, which has been developed by Sumino Seisakusho, has the potential to be highly beneficial in areas with limited access to electricity. The UDSM’s engineering faculty will work together with the company to explore the possibility of producing these generators locally. Professor Boniface highlighted the importance of this technology in helping students in rural areas to have access to electricity for self-studies.

Ambassador Yasushi Misawa emphasized the productivity of the technology in rural areas and expressed confidence that the partnership between Sumino Seisakusho and UDSM will enhance cooperation between Japanese companies and Tanzania. He also mentioned the unique expertise of Sumino Seisakusho in producing micro hydro power equipment.

One of the generators developed by Sumino Seisakusho, known as the Picopica 10, is designed to generate power from the flow of water in irrigation channels. With a capacity to generate 2.4 MW of electricity, it can be used for security lighting and electric fences.

This partnership between UDSM and Sumino Seisakusho holds great promise for bringing sustainable and accessible electricity to rural areas in Tanzania. It also signifies the potential for collaboration between Japanese companies and Tanzania in the field of renewable energy.