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TechWizard: Latest News and App Recommendations

Welcome to TechWizard, your go-to source for the latest news and app recommendations in the world of Android. In this edition, we bring you some exciting highlights from last week and a selection of app recommendations to enhance your Android experience.

News Highlights:

  1. Lawsuit Claims Google Maps Responsible for Fatal Accident: A recent lawsuit alleges that Google Maps was responsible for the death of a man who encountered an unbaricaded bridge that had collapsed in 2013. The suit claims that users had warned Google about the issue, but it was never fixed. The lawsuit also holds accountable those responsible for the bridge and barricades.
  2. Facebook Rolling Out Multiple Profile Feature: Facebook now allows users to add up to four additional profiles from the app. This feature is helpful for those who maintain separate accounts for work, business, and family use. However, certain features like Dating, Marketplace, Professional mode, and payments won’t be available for additional profiles.
  3. New Android 14 QPR1 Beta Update Released for Pixel Phones: Google has released a new beta update for Pixel phones, bringing a few changes including a new screen search gesture inspired by Google Now on Tap and the ability to keep apps open even when closing the Pixel Fold.
  4. Find My Phone Feature May Work for Off-Powered Pixel Phones: Rumors suggest that a new feature within the code of Android 14 may enable Find My Phone to locate a Pixel phone even when it’s turned off. This functionality would be possible through Bluetooth chips that continue to function even if there’s not enough power to boot the entire operating system.
  5. One UI 6 Beta Rolling Out to Samsung Galaxy S22: The One UI 6 Beta is now available for the Galaxy S22 in South Korea. It is expected that international models of the S22 family will receive the beta update soon.
  6. Google Releases Redesigned Fitbit App: Google has rolled out a new design for the Fitbit app, featuring three tabs: today, couch, and you. These tabs offer various sub-sections, providing an easier and more streamlined user experience.
  7. Google Bard Now Integrated with Google Apps: Bard, Google’s AI language model, can now be used to search through Gmail, Drive, Maps, and more. This integration allows users to ask Bard questions related to their own agenda and documents within various Google apps.

App Recommendations:

  • Monster Hunter Now: A new free-to-play game developed by Niantic in collaboration with Capcom. It offers a unique take on the Monster Hunter series, with easy-to-use controls and short bursts of gameplay.
  • Ghost Detective: A game available for Netflix subscribers that puts you in the shoes of Detective Tess Robinson. Solve the case of your own murder in ghost-riddled New Orleans.
  • Retro College Bowl: A spin-off of Retro Bowl that focuses on college sports. Take on the role of a head coach and lead one of 250 college teams.
  • Dragonheir: Silent Gods: A party-based online multiplayer RPG set in the world of Arkendia. Embark on non-linear missions and sidequests in a fantasy world of dragons and magic.
  • YouTube Create: A tool for creating and editing videos on YouTube. Add effects, music, and more to your videos before uploading them to the platform.

With these app recommendations and the latest news, you can stay up to date and find new ways to make the most of your Android device.


  • Google Maps: A navigation app developed by Google that provides mapping, GPS, and turn-by-turn directions.
  • Pixel: A line of smartphones developed by Google.
  • UI: User Interface, referring to the visual and interactive elements of an app or operating system.
  • Fitbit: A brand of fitness tracker and smartwatches that tracks physical activity, sleep, and other health metrics.
  • AI: Artificial Intelligence, referring to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and learn.

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