Google’s Quest: Elusive Android Auto Bug Plaguing Samsung Devices

Google Investigating Android Auto Bug on Samsung Devices

Google Starts Investigating Widespread Android Auto Bug Hitting Samsung Devices

Google has recently started looking into a bug causing Android Auto to fail to run when a Samsung phone is used to power the in-car experience. A video posted on Twitter by tech reporter Max Weinbach shows Android Auto working correctly with a Google Pixel phone but unable to start with Samsung phones. The issue has already been confirmed with multiple Samsung devices, including a Galaxy S23 Ultra, a Galaxy Flip, and a Galaxy Fold.

The video has gone viral, with several other Android Auto users confirming similar struggles in comments posted on the social network. The Android Auto team has reached out to debug the problem, and an investigation is currently underway.

Android Auto connectivity problems with Samsung devices are not new. Similar issues were reported in the past for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series. Google has already acknowledged the bug and claimed that the behavior is limited to Volkswagen cars. The company explained that the infotainment system was responsible for the connectivity problem and stated that it was supposed to be resolved with a software update shipped by Volkswagen for multiple models sold under the Volkswagen, Skoda, and SEAT brands.

The bug occurs in a 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee, according to Weinbach. Generic workarounds that Android Auto users typically turn to in an attempt to resolve connectivity problems have failed to produce an improvement in this case. Google has not provided any official updates on the investigation, but considering the bug affects various Samsung phone models, it is likely affecting a significant number of users.

It is unclear if the car and the infotainment system could be responsible for the connectivity glitch. While the test shows that Android Auto runs correctly with non-Samsung phones, users who reported the problems on other feedback channels, including Google’s forums, claimed the application launched as expected with the same Samsung devices in other vehicles.

Source: Max Weinbach on Twitter