Empower Your Arch Linux Experience: Unleash Greater Control with Enhanced Parallel Downloads in Latest Installer Update

TechWizard: Arch Linux Installer Update Allows More Control Over Parallel Downloads

Arch Linux Installer Update Allows More Control Over Parallel Downloads

Archinstall 2.6.1 was released today as the newest version of the Arch Linux text-based OS installer, ahead of next month’s October Arch Linux ISO refresh. This update brings several key features and improvements to enhance the user experience.

Essential Takeaways

  • Archinstall 2.6.1 allows users to specify a custom number of parallel downloads, providing more control over the installation process.
  • The update introduces Ly as a display manager option, offering an ncurses-like interface for Linux and BSD systems.
  • Slick-Greeter with LightDM is now available as an alternative display manager option.
  • Kitty, Dolphin, and Wofi have been added to Hyprland, expanding the range of available applications.

The previous version of Archinstall limited parallel downloads to a maximum of 5 concurrent downloads. However, with version 2.6.1, users can now set any number of parallel downloads, although it is still recommended to keep it at five or less for optimal performance.

Ly, the new display manager option, provides a clean and efficient interface for Linux and BSD systems. It offers similar functionality to ncurses, making it a popular choice for those who prefer a text-based environment. Here is a screenshot from the Ly project:

Additionally, Archinstall 2.6.1 addresses several issues and introduces various tweaks and fixes. It resolves conflicts between JACK and PipeWire, resolves GRUB bootloader issues, and improves overall stability and performance. For a complete list of changes, refer to the release announcement.

Archinstall 2.6.1 is a significant update that empowers users with more control over their Arch Linux installation process. With the ability to customize parallel downloads, choose from different display managers, and enjoy an expanded selection of applications, users can tailor their Arch Linux experience to their preferences.