Discover the Surprising Impact of AI in India and Jamie Dimon’s Astonishing Insights

5 Things about AI you may have missed today

1. Bosch study showcases India’s optimism about AI: A recent study revealed that 58% of Indians believe AI will be the most relevant technology in the future, with 73% showing interest in generative AI.

2. 16-year-old to work with a research group in Stanford University to transform healthcare through AI: Adrit Rao, a coding prodigy, is collaborating with Stanford University to revolutionize healthcare using AI after developing several apps at just 16 years old.

3. Movate collaborates with Loyola College to set up AI & IoT-based Robotics Lab in India: Movate and Loyola College are partnering to establish an AI and IoT-based Robotics Lab in Chennai, empowering students with cutting-edge tools and skills.

4. Jamie Dimon says AI is an “Unbelievable” technology: Jamie Dimon, CEO of Chase, praises AI’s potential in the banking industry, citing its use in risk assessment, fraud detection, marketing, and customer relations.

5. Role of AI in education system of India: Abhishek Sharma, Co-Founder Of Edansh, discusses how AI can revolutionize the education system in India by providing personalized learning experiences and making education more accessible and interactive for students.

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