China Counters US in Escalating Tech Feud: Huawei Hacking Unleashes Cyberwar Fury!

TechWizard: China Fires Back at US for Hacking Huawei as Tech Feud Escalates

China Fires Back at US for Hacking Huawei as Tech Feud Escalates

In a recent development, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin accused the US of launching cyberattacks on Chinese high-tech companies, including Huawei, in an attempt to suppress them. Wang condemned this “irresponsible behavior” after the Chinese State Security Ministry confirmed the cyberattacks on Huawei’s servers. These allegations were originally revealed by former US National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden.

Wang highlighted that the US has been pressuring Chinese high-tech companies, such as Huawei, under the pretext of national security for a long time. The document published by Snowden exposed that the US has been stealing confidential information from Huawei since at least 2009. Wang criticized the US for using illegal and unfair means to hinder the growth of Chinese companies. He urged other countries to refrain from following the US’s example in suppressing Chinese companies and emphasized the importance of adhering to principles such as strategic independence and a fair and objective defense of an open, inclusive, and non-discriminatory business environment.

These developments come at a time when Huawei has introduced its advanced 7-nanometer processor, the Kirin 9000S, to power its newest smartphone, the Mate 60 Pro. This move indicates that Beijing is making early gains in its efforts to overcome US sanctions. Huawei, a leading supplier of telecom gear, smartphones, and advanced equipment, has faced sanctions from Washington due to alleged cybersecurity concerns in recent years. Former US President Donald Trump effectively banned American companies from doing business with Huawei, and current US President Joe Biden has imposed further sanctions, including a ban on sales of new Huawei equipment in the United States.

In a related development, US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo recently announced that the US would maintain its tough stance on denying China cutting-edge microchips, citing concerns that technological advancements could be exploited to enhance China’s military capabilities. The Kirin 9000S chip, created by Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. (SMIC), has surprised Western media outlets, as it was widely believed that SMIC lacked the necessary advanced technologies to produce such a cutting-edge chip. TechInsights Vice Chair Dan Hutcheson described this innovation as an “important statement for China,” indicating that SMIC’s technology advances are on an accelerated trajectory and have addressed previous issues in their 7nm technology.

As the tech feud between China and the US escalates, it remains to be seen how these cyberattacks and sanctions will impact the global tech landscape and the future of companies like Huawei.