Care Delivery: Maximizing Value Through Tech Investment

Care Delivery: Maximizing Value Through Tech Investment

Tech Investment Must Bring Value to Care Delivery

In a recent panel discussion at HIMSS24, digital health experts emphasized the importance of tech-driven healthcare transformation to improve patient care delivery. Michael Meucci, along with Anthony Del Rio, Dr. Sanjay Doddamani, and Rob Cetti, delved into the challenges and opportunities facing the healthcare industry.

Meucci highlighted the transformative phase the sector is entering, with the advent of genAI promising significant technological advancements. However, he also pointed out that many healthcare systems are still struggling to recover from operating losses incurred during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Del Rio discussed how capital investment and venture capital in healthcare have been affected by higher interest rates, leading providers to be more strategic in their investments. He emphasized the importance of driving value for the system to attract sophisticated investors.

Cetti echoed this sentiment, stating that investments should focus on improving the patient experience, clinical outcomes, and billing processes. He emphasized the need to align investments with what physicians perceive as valuable in enhancing care delivery.

Doddamani expressed optimism about the potential for technological innovations to drive significant improvements in healthcare. He highlighted the role of AI in connecting disparate systems and data, paving the way for a reinvention of care delivery.

Overall, the panelists agreed that now is a critical time for investments in healthcare, with a focus on driving meaningful value and leveraging technological advancements to improve patient care delivery.

As the industry looks towards the future, it is essential for investments to align with the goal of enhancing care delivery and driving positive outcomes for patients.