Car Infotainment: CarPlay Unveils Game-Changing App, Following Android Auto’s Success

After Big Launches on Android Auto, CarPlay Gets a Popular App Too

Recast Now Supports Apple CarPlay, Bringing Podcasts to Your Car

The Android Auto and CarPlay app ecosystems continue to grow as developers recognize the value of targeting drivers and bringing their software to cars on the road. Recently, Android Auto received two high-profile solutions with the addition of WebEx by Cisco and Zoom to the Google Play Store, allowing users to participate in meetings and make audio calls without using their mobile devices.

Now, CarPlay is also getting a popular app with Recast’s most recent update. Recast is an application that converts news articles into podcasts, allowing users to listen to news and longer articles. With the power of AI, Recast creates rich audio summaries and allows users to submit articles or listen to content submitted by other users. Given its focus on audio content, Recast is a perfect fit for the car, making it only a matter of time until the developer added CarPlay support.

Version 1.25 of Recast is now available for download from the App Store and includes CarPlay support, enabling users to “listen to your favorite podcasts while on the road, hands-free.” The app’s interface is clean and straightforward, prioritizing the content users can listen to without overwhelming them with unnecessary options. Users can browse a list of personalized content, with podcasts displayed in a simple list format showing names, authors, and total time. The interface also provides one-tap access to trending content, the latest podcasts, and a queue to see what’s coming next.

In addition to CarPlay support, the latest Recast version also includes other features such as support for watchOS 10, the latest version of the Apple Watch operating system. Users can choose what they want to listen to and control playback directly from the Apple Watch interface. Recast now also has a web app, allowing users to access content on desktop or Android devices. While an iPhone is no longer required to use Recast, the app offers several reasons to install it on an Apple smartphone, including support for interactive widgets introduced in iOS 17. These widgets allow users to control playback without launching the app’s interface.

Overall, the latest Recast update brings CarPlay integration, making it easier than ever for users to enjoy their favorite podcasts while on the road. Simply install the update from the App Store, and the CarPlay icon will appear, requiring no additional changes on the user’s side.