Bedrock Unveils Exail’s Phins 9 Navigation: The Ultimate Next-Gen Tool for Tech Enthusiasts

Exail’s Phins 9 Navigation System Revolutionizes Underwater Data Acquisition

Essential Takeaways:

  • Exail has sold its Phins 9 Compact INS to Bedrock for integration into their new AUV, enhancing navigational accuracy and operational efficiencies.
  • The Phins 9 Compact INS offers exceptional reliability and navigation precision, making it ideal for compact subsea vehicles.

Exail, a leader in innovative navigation technology, has recently partnered with Bedrock to revolutionize underwater data acquisition. The integration of Exail’s Phins 9 Compact INS into Bedrock’s autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) marks a significant advancement in navigational capabilities for geophysical surveys and monitoring.

With a compact design and high-performance features, the Phins 9 Compact INS stands out as one of the most advanced systems in the market. Its low power consumption and DVL-aided position accuracy make it a perfect fit for demanding applications requiring precision and efficiency.

Charles Chiau, CTO of Bedrock, expressed excitement about the potential of the Phins 9 Compact INS in enhancing their AUV’s performance. The collaboration between Exail and Bedrock showcases a commitment to innovation and precision in the field of underwater technology.

In addition to the Phins 9 Compact INS, Exail has also introduced the DriX O-16, a transoceanic uncrewed surface vessel designed for long-duration operations. This new vessel further expands Exail’s portfolio of cutting-edge solutions for the marine industry.

Overall, the partnership between Exail and Bedrock represents a significant milestone in the evolution of underwater navigation technology. The Phins 9 Compact INS is set to redefine navigational accuracy and operational efficiency for compact subsea vehicles, setting a new standard for the industry.