Battle of the Bots: Testing 3 Chatbots Head-to-Head

AI Showdown: Testing 3 Chatbots for Real-Life Scenarios

As I dive into the world of AI, I’m noticing a lot of drama surrounding humans rather than the technology itself. In the midst of all this, I decided to put three AI chatbots – ChatGPT, Google Gemini, and Perplexity – to the test to see how well they perform in real-life situations.

Backing Out of “Aunt Patty’s” Family Meal

ChatGPT crafted a polite email excusing me from the family meal with a touch of drama. Perplexity’s response felt impersonal, while Gemini’s suggestion of a video call as an alternative stood out as the winner in this scenario.

Launching a “Million-Dollar” Business Idea

Each chatbot pitched a phone case that locks your handset for undisturbed focus. Gemini’s “LockAway” emphasized productivity, Perplexity went for simplicity with “Smartphone Case with a Lock,” and ChatGPT’s “FocusGuard” stood out with its imaginative approach and made-up quotes.

Planning a Short Hike

When seeking advice on planning a hike, Gemini focused on ambiance and safety gear, while Perplexity’s advice was brief. ChatGPT provided clear and concise guidance, reminding me of essential steps and the importance of environmental conservation.

Final Verdict

With ChatGPT scoring 2 points, Gemini 1 point, and Perplexity 0 points, it’s clear that AI chatbots have the potential to assist in various real-life scenarios, even if they still have room for improvement.