Australia’s Tech Marvels: 5 Must-Know Updates Today!

5 Things to Know in Australia Today

TechWizard: 5 Things to Know in Australia Today

Welcome to TechWizard, where we bring you the latest tech news and updates. Here are 5 things you need to know today:

  1. Tinder to charge $500 a month for VIP status

    Tinder is introducing a new VIP service, available only to about 1% of its most active users. This service will cost $500 a month and offers features like ‘Direct Message’, which allows users to send messages without having to match. However, some users are concerned that this feature may compromise the safety of the app.

  2. A Gen Z chatbot for Meta

    Facebook owner Meta is set to announce a generative AI chatbot called ‘Gen AI Personas’. This chatbot is aimed at younger users and will be launched during the company’s Meta Connect event. It will come in multiple “personas” designed to engage young users.

  3. A trash can on wheels

    The NYPD is implementing a new security measure at the Times Square subway station in the form of a security robot. Made by Knightscope, this robot is described as a “trash can on wheels” and will patrol the area to ensure people’s safety.

  4. Intel slapped with €376.4 million fine

    The European Union has fined Intel €376.4 million after a long legal battle. The fine was imposed due to allegations that Intel used illegal sales tactics to shut out smaller rival AMD. Despite winning the legal fight last year, Intel still faces financial consequences.

  5. Cisco buys Splunk

    Cisco, a networking giant, has entered into an agreement to purchase Splunk for approximately $US28 billion. Splunk provides software tools to monitor business networks and prevent mishaps. This acquisition aligns with Cisco’s business strategy, although the price tag is quite substantial.

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