Amritsar Central Jail Unveils Shocking Seizure: 9 Cutting-Edge Mobile Phones Revealed!

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Nine Mobile Phones Seized from Amritsar Central Jail

Despite the installation of mobile phone signal jammers at Amritsar Central Jail, nine cellphones were confiscated from inmates during a surprise checking. The cellphones were recovered from Anil Saroj, Jagpreet Singh, Jatin Arora, Jashandeep Singh (alias Bura), Baljit Singh (alias Murali), Pratham, Gurmej Singh, Jatinder Singh, and Yudhvir Singh, all residents of Amritsar.

A case has been registered against the inmates under Sections 42 and 52-A of the Prisons Act by the Islamabad police, following a complaint by Hardeep Singh, Assistant Superintendent of Amritsar Central Jail. Assistant Sub-Inspector Amarjit Singh, the investigating officer, stated that the accused will be brought in for investigation. The authorities will also look into how the inmates managed to sneak in prohibited material on the jail premises.

The Amritsar Central Jail is located in a densely populated area, making it easier for unscrupulous individuals to throw prohibited items such as cellphones, narcotics, and cigarettes inside the high-security prison complex.

The Challenge of Keeping Prisons Secure

This incident highlights the ongoing challenge faced by prison authorities in keeping their facilities secure. Despite the installation of mobile phone signal jammers, inmates still find ways to smuggle in cellphones, posing a security risk.

Prisons need to continually adapt their security measures to counter the ingenuity of inmates. This includes not only technological solutions like signal jammers but also increased surveillance and stricter checks on visitors and staff.

Experts in the field of prison security suggest that a multi-layered approach is necessary to effectively prevent the smuggling of contraband items. This could involve a combination of physical barriers, advanced scanning technology, and regular surprise checks.

Additionally, prisons should work closely with law enforcement agencies to investigate and prosecute individuals involved in smuggling activities. This can help deter others from attempting to bring prohibited items into the facility.

Overall, the incident at Amritsar Central Jail serves as a reminder of the ongoing battle to maintain security in prisons. It is crucial for authorities to stay one step ahead and continuously improve their security measures to prevent such incidents in the future.