2023’s Most Overrated Tech Features: Are These Innovations Really Worth the Hype?

The Most Overrated Tech Features of 2023: A Critical Analysis

As we reflect on the best tech of 2023, it’s also important to acknowledge the overrated features that didn’t live up to their hype. Here are the top five disappointments:

5. Meta AI Personas
Meta’s AI chatbots with celebrity faces failed to make a lasting impact after the initial weirdness faded. The personas bear no relation to the famous faces, and their usefulness is questionable.

4. Voice Cues on Humane’s AI Pin
The reliance on voice in the interface of the Humane AI Pin raises concerns about a noisier future, especially with the prevalence of loud speaker usage on smartphones.

3. Google Search Generative Experience
Google’s AI-written summaries have the potential to disrupt the publishing industry by bypassing source sites and collapsing an entire industry that depends on advertising.

2. Tesla Autopilot
The safety concerns surrounding Tesla’s Autopilot feature, as evidenced by fatal and serious crashes, raise doubts about its effectiveness and reliability.

1. Apple Watch Blood Oxygen Sensor
Despite the hype, the Apple Watch’s blood oxygen sensor has not proven to be as groundbreaking as initially touted, leading to disappointment among users.

As we look back on the tech landscape of 2023, it’s important to critically assess the features and products that fell short of their promises. These overrated tech features serve as a reminder that not all advancements live up to their high-flying expectations.