Top 10 Best DJ Controllers Under $200

Top 10 Best DJ Controllers Under 0

The Best DJ Controllers Under $200 give us a good combination of quality and affordability. The DJ controller world, in general, is getting bigger and bigger as the years go by and we will not complain. We not only see more options in terms of versatility and control over our DJ software but also better options when it comes to certain price points (as is the case today). As always with our acceleration tools, there are a few factors that you should keep in mind when you search our review, and we do this intentionally to give you some options when it comes to the “best” for you and your specific person. need. So, here are our best DJ controllers under $200.

Here are the Top 10 Best DJ Controllers

Hercules DJ Universal

Firstly, we now have one of our favorites for the best DJ controllers under $200 on the market. The DJ Universal is great for those who want the essence of a DJ controller with a slight learning curve when they want to go to the next stage. Some of our favorite highlights are two high-quality jog wheels to set up your scratch, a nicely constructed and smooth fader, two channels (with their own cue, FX, sample and loop), as well as three “modes” – PC \ Mac, multi-screen or tablet mode to suit your needs.

First, it provides mobility because you can manage your playlist from both your laptop and while you are hanging around with friends via a tablet or smartphone. The external source input allows you to connect most devices (Android, iOS, PCs, and Mac) via the included cable, giving you instant access to your personal playlists in a variety of music streaming apps. The controller also includes a Bluetooth function that allows music to be seamlessly integrated via laptop, controller and smartphone/tablet.

Finally, we like the fact that this gives access to their user-friendly DJ software called DJUCED, for great control over your controller and mixes, and another small feature that we love, allowing the audience to give their opinion on what they want to hear by tapping numbers through the DJUCED app and even allowing personalized messages. Overall, this is one of the best DJ controllers under 200 dollars.

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Numark Mixtrack 3

Then Numark’s Mixtrack 3 allows the user to perform all functions of their previously popular Mixtrack 2, but with greater precision. This made it our choice for the best DJ controllers under 200 dollars. The newly added 16 multifunctional function cushions allow users to personalize their music via loops, launch samples, and control hot cues. Each of your channels has a special filter button that allows precise tone control. There are also great jog wheels for some scratches and a 100 mm pitch slider that lets you control the smallest pitch adjustments, making this board superior to others with the 60 mm pitch slider.

This feature is of high quality for the price because there are not many controllers with 100 mm sliders at this price point. A purchase of this board also gives you access to a Free Prim Loops Toolkit that gives you access to drum kits, one-shots and more than 380 instrumental loops in case you need some sounds to play with. This Toolkit is valued only for $200, so if you have access to it, buying the Numark Mixtrack 3 is worth it and another of our favorite choices as the best DJ controllers under $200.

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Gemini Slate

The Slate is the smallest Serato DJ controller on the market because of its low weight and small width (25 mm), making it easy to move and transport the controller. People claim that it is so thin and light that it can easily be transported via a backpack with a laptop – just make sure you keep it safe. A useful aspect of the Gemini controller is the fact that no external power source is needed, which means there is even more mobility. The SLATE DJ tools provide great control with filters for each channel, key lock and a host of advanced effect settings. There are many reasons that make it one of the best DJ controllers under 200 dollars.

The RGB pads are well implemented and have hot cues that can be put on a manual loop. This is a great basic controller with the added bonus of Serato DJ Intro in case you do not have any software yet – it’s one of the biggest DJ software out there, so you might just want to upgrade to buy the full version when you get used to it. Many of the essentials are also included, such as pitch control, two channels, jogging for scratching, pitch fader, key lock and more. Overall, this is one of the best DL controllers under $200.

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Numark DJ 2 Go 2

Numark’s controller here is mainly claimed as the smallest models on the market but is certainly not what many would consider a ‘DJ controller’ initially. Keep in mind that this term is quite broad, so this particular model is still in the category, so we wanted to give you a look in case it is what you wanted. First, it is almost pocket size, making it one of the best DJ controllers under $200 on our list. It is a great controller for mobile DJs who want to practice or prepare their sets. It is also great as a backup controller in case something goes wrong with your main.

The controller has a built-in sound card and a Serato DJ introduction program, so you always have the capacity of a regular controller, and despite the small size, Numark gives you access to the functions of traditional controllers. just without the jog wheels. You have two channels at your disposal, a crossfader that makes blending easy, and path modes that offer the same control as a larger controller. Even though the Numark DJ 2 Go 2 may seem small and different, it is certainly powerful and offers you a whole range of features that give you the same feeling like a larger, more expensive controller. Overall, this is one of the best DJ controllers under 200 dollars.

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Behringer CMD Studio 4a

The CMD Studio 4a is definitely one of the most impressive and one of the best DJ controllers under $200 on our list. If you fall below the budget limit, the large size and the firm weight will give you a more professional feeling when used. The 6-inch high-resolution jog wheels are both striking and provide extreme precision over your crabs and music. There are also great 100 mm pitch faders and a 60 mm volume fader, making this controller the ultimate experience for listeners. For the show he lights up nicely with LED backlighting keys that indicate your activity, so you know which buttons you can easily see.

The illuminated buttons also make it easy in the dark to see those who club or perform in bars. There is also a generous number of hot cues that are easy to use and kill switches on the board that allow you to cut the tone in and out, something that distinguishes the CMD Studio 4a among other things. The design is tight and the construction is of high quality, and that makes it one of the best DJ controllers under 200 dollars.

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Reloop Neon USB

This controller distinguishes itself from others on our list of best DJ controllers under 200 dollars because of the lack of jog wheels and a few other ‘traditional DJ controller functions’ that we have mentioned. Instead, the focus of the board is the 8 touch-sensitive RGB drum pads. These drum pads have aftertouch effects and are used for great cues, loops, and effects. There are also eight different energy modes that are accessible when using this controller. There is a new FLIP mode that allows the user to record and listen to personal mixes or cue trigger sequences on the move.

The Neon USB drum pads have the ability to have a color coding that is used to pass feedback in any mode, thus maintaining your organized mid-performance. The board as a whole is compact and sturdy, and the pads feel very good, making the user experience great. A fall of the Reloop Neon USB is the fact that the device does not contain DJ software, but that will not be a problem if you already have it or if you want to download a trial version for free. It all connects via MIDI, so every DAW will do it, or you can even connect it to a smart device and use their app. Overall, this is one of the best DJ controllers under $200.

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Hercules DJ Control AIR S

Here is another Hercules model that offers us the great essential DJ controller functions and is one of the best DJ controllers under $200. The most striking extra aspect, and thus the name, is the Air Control function of the device. This feature provides ‘contactless control’ over your mix – a sensor allows you to control your unit from above without physically touching the board, making your hand essentially a MIDI command. Also noted, the jog wheels are pressure detection, which means that you are able to scratch by pressing on the jog wheels, as you would with a real vinyl record. The faders and controls are solid and the whole board has good size and is easy to carry.

The pads have an inner tail light that indicates the activation of the pad. Many people in the world of user-reviewed say that trying to find the Hercules DJ Control AIR S first can be difficult because the included manual provides little or no information, but with a bit of time and effort, it becomes easier and easier to understand. The learning curve will also help with your future skills. Overall, this is a great choice for one of the best DJ controllers under $200.

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Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol X1

The Traktor Kontrol X1 is a compact unit that combines the decks and functions of the Traktor Pro 2. One can control effects and loops without ever having to use a laptop. The touch-sensitive strip allows the user to use playback, loop, and FX, as well as the precision of position and pitch bending. The easily accessible buttons on this board make looping and browsing easy, and you get control over a variety of effects with 2 different FX units.

The sleek design and the simplicity of the LED, color-coordinated buttons ensure that someone remains focused during a performance. The board as a whole looks very attractive and you will always know what is going on with the Traktor Kontrol X1. Many reviews show that it is a product that is loved by more than just me but keeps in mind that you also have to invest in their DJ software Traktor. It is claimed to be a great product for both beginners and advanced DJs. Overall, this is one of the best DJ controllers under $200.

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Vestax Typhoon

The appearance of this controller is modern and slim and approaches our end of these best DJ controllers under the $200 guide. It is lightweight and portable, making it another attractive unit that has all the features of a traditional controller. The touch wheels can be adapted to the jog wheels so that the user can adjust their experience, which is an interesting function and offers some versatility here. There are many reasons that make it one of the best DJ controllers under 200 dollars.

The wheels are stable and feel high quality and every deck on the Typhoon has its own 3-band EQ and LOOP SET function, which gives the user the chance to set a loop point and increase the loop length from there or to lower. There is also a short-throw fader, no curve adjustment, which has low traction and is easy to move. The interface as a whole makes the Vestax Typhoon fairly easy to use and learn, making this a great controller for novice DJs. There is also the added bonus of seamless Serato integration, which will help if that is your favorite DJ software.

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SKP Pro SMX-800

At first glance, this looks like a pretty simple sign. This is a USB-powered controller with a built-in sound card of high quality, and there is a three-layer EQ and Virtual DJ LE software included. It is easy to use and has all the basic functions and requirements for a good controller, but if you are very busy to scratch, we go with something else, because the jog wheels do not have the highest quality. Unlike the Hercules DJ Control AIR or the Numark DJ 2 Go 2, this controller is stripped of its splendor.

It is a solid, professional-looking printed circuit board and does not have the striking aesthetically attractive features that some of the other controllers have on this list, such as RGB lamps and the like.  Not a lot of ins and outs here outside the USB port for power, so it will be pretty autonomous. However, the SKP Pro SMX-800 is still a solid choice if you find yourself needing the smaller functions that a DJ controller can offer, not to mention the fact that it is a fairly small controller with a weight of about 10 pounds and super portable – it just gives us another twist to the list of best DJ controllers under 200 dollars.

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Final Words

DJ controllers offer different unique functions between each of them, so do not get entangled in all information. In this article, we have mentioned some of the Best DJ Controllers Under $200. All in all, DJ controllers are great tools to expand your audio production repertoire. If you are looking for a DJ in live performances, you must purchase a DJ controller at a given time, so try one of the controllers from the list to see what suits you best.