Top 10 Best Electronic Drum Sets In The World

I was a young child when I got my first electronic drum set, but I knew how to play drums very well; although different from a “normal”, real acoustic set of drums, the size, versatility and overall feel of me fell in love the moment I put my sticks on the pads. Not to mention that I was pretty shy, or wanted to play drums late at night, I could quickly plug in my headphones to get around the “rules” of drumming – watch your neighbors. I also had a portable set, so bringing it to my friend to jam was never a problem. Today we are here with our list of Best Electronic Drum Sets on the market to help you with your store efforts. Don’t forget to check our checklist when shopping for your own set.

Here are the Top 10 Best Electronic Drum Sets In The World

Alesis DM7X

To start our list, Alesis is one of the best brands out there when it comes to percussion equipment. The Alesis DM7X is our choice for one of the best electronic drum kits on the market if the budget does not play a role in your decision (not that it is too expensive, but also not cheap). It is one of the most complete sets that we come across, in the first place it comes with 385 sounds (drums, cymbals, and percussion) and 40 ready-to-play kits. You can easily assign the sounds to any piece you want, and the dual-zone (8 inches) toms (four), snare and four cymbal pads (10 inches) give you the standard setup above when it comes to an Electronic kit.

To get everything under control, you get the module for you. The LCD screen is fairly standard, we admit, but you don’t really need a chic screen, because you just have to switch the sounds. But you can also set the tempo and have a metronome play. This electronic drum set is one of the most complete that we have seen. The rubber drum and symbol blocks are also of suitable quality. This is an upgrade of the popular Alesis DMX6 drum kit. Although that is still one of the best electronic drum sets on the market and has been around for a long time, the DM7X is an overall better kit in terms of quality and extra features.

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Roland TD-11KV-S

This thing is a beast, and if you need one of the best electronic drum sets, check it out. The Roland TD-11KV-S is famous among many drummers and this is because it has a supernaturalistic and really sounding experience that many other budget-friendly and low-end electronic kits cannot be compared with. First, the sound module is awesome when it comes to quality – you give a number of expressive and natural sounds with great features such as song backing, fast recording and playback, a COACH function and of course USB with some MIDI and data storage.

The bows and toms are truly a high-quality mesh head (8 “PDX-8 and 6” PDX-6 mesh) – great dual-triggering tech for accuracy and speed sensations. The cymbals (crash and ride) are also weight-balanced and very sensitive, while the kick consists of a Bass-designed bass. This choice as the best electronic drum set is great if you have the money and if it is out of your budget, try to think about the possibility of waiting a little longer to save.

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Yamaha DTX400K

Another brand we are all fairly familiar with is Yamaha, and I can’t remember that I hadn’t made at least one piece of gear at the time. When it comes to the Yamaha DTX400K, this is not only one of their most popular sets, but most appreciated because of the overall quality of the set. You get 10 drum kits in one, ranging from jazz to full-on march. The sounds are not as much as the DM7X, but you get 23 snares, 21 kicks, 31 cymbals, 36 toms, and 42 percussions. The kicking unit is silent. You get a crash and ride cymbal, two toms, a floor tom, hi-hat, and snare – the pads have the same dimensions as the DM7X (fairly standard for all sets).

The justification for this is the add-on functions in the module – there are built-in routines for warm-up, groove tools and even “drum games” that make it fun to practice with. Whether that is important to you is not up to us because we know drummers who only need some pads and sounds to hit while others want to work on their profession. In our opinion, having these functions never hurts, but at the same time, it is all in line with your budget. And overall, this is one of the best electronic drum sets that you can buy right now on the market.

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Pyle-Pro PED04

The Pyle-Pro PED04 is our choice for one of the best budget-friendly electronic drum sets on the market. Pyle Audio is known for their affordable equipment within the lower price. A few striking features of this set: MIDI in/out (a huge plus for us, always!), A stereo line-in, headphone jack, built-in metronome, a reverb switch, an adjustable rack and more. You get 5 drum pads, a hi-hat pedal, and the standard crash cymbal. Although it is not strange, the module works as intended with a number of decent modules built in. You get just enough sounds with 11 preset kits and 4 variations, so it’s not that dizzy in terms of that sounds, but it gets the job done.

We are a big fan of this set because of the affordability and the many functions that it offers the drummer. Great for beginners or for those who need a simple set. The speed sensors of the drums respond sufficiently to not cause too much hassle, although those who play a more metallic style or are perhaps faster may experience double hits while recording MIDI. But other than that, this set is the right model for you if you are looking for a budget-friendly solution. Highly recommended as one of the best electronic drum sets for you to keep the price in mind.

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Ddrums DD1

Here’s a brand you’ve probably never heard of, but a quality electronic set that you definitely want to keep in mind when you have the money. It’s not a real name, but Ddrum actually paved the way for the electronic drum revolution a few decades ago. At first glance, we think it’s great that the Ddrums DD1 has USB and MIDI compatibility and an aux input for MP3 playback. You have the standard rack: crash, ride, hi-hat (as well as a hat control panel that we love), four single-zone drum pads and a kick-drum standard/pad.

It’s very reliable and won’t break you – it’s a long-term investment if you take good care of it (that’s probably why it’s more recommended for children and beginners). But one of the coolest functions is the aux connection – you can whimper to every imaginable number for practice, fun or to plan your new number. It also works well with dual pedals. We will warn you that reading some reviews from others about being better as a choice as the best electronic drum sets for beginners or children, so if you are semi-professional or professional, go with one of the first sets that we talked about in this article.

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Alesis DM10

Another Alesis model, but this is one of their most popular if the budget was not a problem. The drum pads of the Alesis DM10 are nothing less than good quality – ‘RealHead’ make, the cymbals are made of real aluminum (just look at the photo, they really look) together with an ‘ErgoRack’ mounting system. The module is also much more advanced than others we have discussed so far. It basically has a mixer built in and has also included sampled drum sounds, but that is not what is important here – you can load new sound sets via USB!

I am a huge drum sampler (I like to use real drum breaks from the 70s of course), so this function is great in our opinion. It is also a MIDI interface and the module has a built-in sequencer. Very impressive. The pads are a dual zone (8 and 10 inches), so you can get some stick sounds in your mix when you hit the edge, making it a great emulation of a real set. A super-realistic feeling here. Again, one of the best electronic drums is present if the budget was not part of our decision. If you grab, you definitely go for the gold.

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Yamaha DTX522K

Here is another model from the Yamaha DTX series of the best electronic drum sets. The Yamaha DTX522K drum set is comparable to the DM10 in terms of price and quality score. You get 7 pieces here with an extra row of cymbal and floor tom. You plug it in via USB and use VSTs with this bad boy, who separates it dramatically from other sets. If you use a digital audio workstation and want to record some sounds, this set is basically a drum MIDI controller. The snare pad is also super smooth because you can use it as an open rim shot, closed rim shot together with the traditional snare sound.

The module is also high-tech with a number of practice instruments and built-in song recorders. The look is also great, although that is not a make-or-break. The snare has a different color than the traditional style, and the cymbals give a nice atmosphere. Super high quality for semi-pro and professional drummers, but if you don’t label yourself as a ‘pro-rating’, then we are not angry with you either. It’s all just a label, and if you hold it, it’s just a strong-built electronic drum set with first-class features. Not a bad solution if it meets your needs and you have the money.

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Acorn Triple-D5

Here is another set to add to your watch list. A big reason why we like to see the Acorn Triple-D5 is that it is compact and easy to carry. The quality is also quite high considering the price, it is just above the Pyle Pro that we mentioned earlier. There are a total of 327 different instrument sounds on the module and you get a number of built-in mixing functions to adjust the levels of each module. The pads are made of rubber, so keep that in mind, but they are still of high quality for the price.

A well-built frame that is adjustable (angle any pad as you want). To name a few extra functions, there are a number of built-in reverb and chorus effects, a 1/4 “headphone jack (of course), and it’s USB compatible for plug and play. Nothing special or unusual if you are looking for an affordable model that is compact and travels a lot, this is a great electronic drum set to watch. Overall, this is one of the best electronic drum sets right now.

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Roland TD-11K-S

Now we talk high end. Roland is synonymous with drumming, and this is definitely one of their nicer electronic drum sets. The snare in particular of the Roland TD-11K-S is mesh-head V-pad, which means that it triggers double to mimic the natural distance between the snare-edge and the head. The toms are made of rubber, but they are 8.5 “tall and also have very accurate triggers. The cymbals are 10” with natural swing movement as well. In short, these are some of the best quality sets in the field of makeup.

The module is also pretty impressive. In addition to the natural sounds, you get a number of additional functions such as a COACH function, recording, and playback options and MIDI/AUDIO data storage. It is a set that we would recommend if you know what you are doing, or if you only want the best of the best electronic drum sets and cash is no problem.

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To close our list of the best electronic drum sets, the OSP DD-502 MKII is slightly less known from a set in terms of the brand name, but it has a high rating on Amazon, so we had to give it a look. There are 3 cymbals, 3 toms, a snare, a kick and a hi-hat (with control pedal). Only 215 voices (if you only want to mention that), but there are also 50 preset songs to play with. If it didn’t have a MIDI function, we wouldn’t even have included it here, not to mention the aux-in and headphone jack. Just a standard electronic drum set to be honest, but what stands out is that it is one of the best-selling on a few websites because of the stability and solid features it offers.

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Final Words

As a beginner, when you first explore the Best Electronic Drum Sets for you, we recommend that you search for a rack that is built to last and at least five drum and three cymbal pads (hi-hat, crash and ride). Pads are likely to be made of rubber – although mesh pads are becoming increasingly common at this level – and the module (sometimes called ‘the brain’) offers a limited selection of sounds, from acoustic kits to electronic sounds and percussion – by no means premium, but more than sufficient for home use.

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