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Update - 2018.12.19

In-ear headphones or earbuds are a kind of gain and loss for people. Some like their compact design and the fact that you can easily wear them under a hat or helmet, while others do not like to have something in your ears. Lightweight and compact for the gym without sacrificing audio quality, the in-ear headphones are perfect for any situation you can think of – running, cycling, walking or just walking around the city.

Ideally, the best earbuds (often called in-ear headphones or earphones) should be particularly comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The new models can be completely wireless, but if the battery life is important to you, you may want a pair of wired buttons. We are constantly evaluating new pairs of headphones, so we always update this list because we find it better.

How We Test

We wear each pair of earbuds as part of a rigorous, multi-day process. This means that they are played in a variety of scenarios – on the bus, in the listening room or in the office – and are broadcast from a wide range of sources. We know that most people use their headphones with a smartphone, often with lower quality MP3 resolution tracks. We test them too.

However, we are also moving to high-resolution audio files, as well as a wide range of sources, that connect directly to a PC or Mac, using USB digital-to-analog converters (DACs) and dedicated portable players. High quality. amplifiers. Finally, we compare earbuds with some of our favorite models, both in their category and their price range with one or two levels above, to find out if they can beat their weight.

Best Earbuds
Earbud Name Category  Rating
1More Triple Drivers Best Overall 9.5 out of 10
Jabra Elite Active 65T Best fully wireless earbuds 9.4 out of 10
Jaybird X3 Sport Best banded wireless earbuds 9.3 out of 10
Bose QuietComfort 20 Best noise canceling earbuds 9.3 out of 10
Jabra Elite Sport Best fitness tracking earbuds 9.2 out of 10
Shure SE112M+ Best iPhone EarPod alternatives 9.2 out of 10
Bose SoundSport Best Workout Earbud 9.1 out of 10
Audiofly AF180 Best earbuds for audiophiles 9.1 out of 10
Nuheara IQbuds Best ‘hearable’ 9.0 out of 10
Westone W40 Best rugged, tough earbuds 8.9 out of 10

Things To Know

  • Driver: A unit that produces sound in the earphones, consisting of magnets, voice coils, and other materials. As a rule of thumb, the bigger the driver, the more powerful the headphones and, in general, the larger drivers in the in-ear headphones indicate that a better frequency range can be reproduced.
  • Dynamic Driver: A single driver that can cover the entire frequency range. The diaphragm is directly connected to a voice coil in the headset, the coil moving between the magnets to produce sound.
  • Balance Armature Driver: In a balanced armature driver, the diaphragm of the helmet is connected to the anchor, with micro-vibrations that produce the sound. The most balanced luminaire drivers are the best in a specific frequency range. This is the reason why many headphones contain several balanced drivers, with some frequencies split between drivers for full spectrum sound.
  • Sound phase: The perceived size and depth of sound from the headphones.
  • Passive noise isolation: noise blocked by the headset depending on the physical shape and size of your ear.
  • Frequency range: Frequency spectrum that a headset can reproduce reliably.
Here are the Best Earbuds for 2021, arranged according to the audio quality, design, and price ratio:

1More Triple Drivers

We could have chosen many ways for this choice, but the more discreet 1More Triple Drivers would simply not be visible in the photo. The 1More are not at the top of the class in terms of performance, but what they do for them is a quality and value unmatched at their price (much affordable).

So what specifically do Triple Drivers offer? A beautiful aesthetic and solid construction and you guessed it, three drivers for excellent sound. This includes a dynamic driver for bass and a balanced frame driver for midrange and treble. The result is brilliant clarity, soft, powerful bass and balanced sound that goes beyond anything we’ve heard on the $100 line. Should we say more? How about a Lightning version?

Jabra Elite Active 65T

Jabra’s Elite Active 65t may look like miniature versions of the Bluetooth headsets that put the brand on the map more than a decade ago, but do not be fooled by aesthetics. With battery life, excellent sound quality and IP56 waterproofing, these small devices are Apple’s best AirPods as favorite wireless headsets.

The Elite Active 65t has an ergonomic design, with three sets of different earbuds to ensure a good seal. Thanks to the excellent passive sound insulation, you get the maximum of each note and you can also reduce the volume for less hearing. The overall sound quality is good, clear and balanced, with a spicy bass response and a very dynamic treble register.

The Elite Active 65t offers five hours of battery life – matching the AirPods and one of the best you can find right now – and the included charging pouch adds two fills before you have to find a micro USB cable.

The IP56 rating means that they are safe around high-pressure water jets and protected from restricted dust entry and you do not have to worry about it when you’re sweating or in the rain, which contributes to the general comfort of the headphones. Overall, it’s an excellent package for a great price.

Jaybird X3 Sport

The third entry in Jaybird’s X Sport series almost anyway improves its predecessor and offers one of the best values available in a pair of end-point wireless headphones. The fact that they are perfect for work increases their value quotient. The sweat-resistant X3 is thinner and more appealing than the X2, and the company does a lot to make sure they’re comfortable in multiple settings thanks to the ear tips, silicone gel and Comply tips. Foam added. a good fit to ensure.

In terms of sound, the 6mm drivers of each earpiece deliver impressive and resonant sound quality with an impressive sound image. Jaybird also offers a corresponding application that allows you to create custom audio equalizers, perfect for those of us who resonate between genres, and you can also enjoy your music for a long time, such as battery life (related to 8 hours per charge). a lot of competition.

Bose QuietComfort 20

The DSP suite that accompanies the QC20’s amplified sound engine can sometimes make the music a bit synthetic and over-digitized, but the resounding characteristics of Bose’s characteristic noise canceling ears will probably outweigh any negatives. And while the battery is a little bulky, it gives you complete control of the system in an ergonomic design, while allowing you to use 16 hours of noise reduction.

Equipped with a dense plastic and finished with silvery touches, these solid built-in headphones radiate absolutely when it comes to active noise reduction (unsurprisingly here), effectively using Bose’s ANC technology to cover the unwanted buzz of the outside world and replace it with a peaceful hum. We talk about complete silence in the style of walking on the moon, even if you take them to a lively bar or take a ride in a bustling supermarket.

The comfortable headphones keep the headphones in place in almost any situation, but they also manage to broadcast clear sound in different genres, with a wide range of functions that complement the first class noise reduction.

Jabra Elite Sport

Although in the vast majority of cases, we still prefer the wired sound, a place where wireless headsets have an obvious advantage during training. This is the moment when all cables – even the end cable behind the head of many striped wireless headsets – have a knack for hindering

That’s why our choice for the best workout headphones is the fully wireless Jabra Elite Sport. Based on the Jabra Sport Pulse special edition, the helmet has a heart rate sensor built into the left earphone and an IP67 protection rating, which means it can be immersed for up to 30 minutes underwater, 3.3 meters. This means they can handle long runs on the hottest days of the summer and even a short swim in the pool. In addition, they can be easily rinsed after the most demanding workouts.

The Elite Sport battery offers 4.5 hours of play per charge, enough juice to do just about every work experience, except for a marathon, and a supplied charging case adds two extra charges to keep in your bag. sport. Jabra’s Sport Life app is the brain of many headset training features, offering motion recording and voice prompts to accompany heart rate measurements during your workouts.

Shure SE112M+

It’s great that Apple has earbuds with every iPhone, but if you really like audio quality, you’ll want to invest in some better buttons.

With a price of only $ 60, Shure’s SE112m + offers one of the best value for money in our review. The dynamic drivers are capable of an admirable 102 dB SPL with a claimed frequency response of 25 Hz to 17 kHz, allowing for an open soundstage brimming with tight bass and well-defined intermediate sounds. They do not have the type of liquid detail or the treble type laser that you get with Triple Drivers, but the sound quality is well above most buttons on your smartphone.

The SE112 +’s rugged construction and superior passive sound insulation mask the mix of sounds that pass through the outside world, and while the upper register can sometimes be a little spicy, we categorically prefer quiet competitors for this price.

Bose SoundSport

Bose undoubtedly manufactures the best earplugs on the market. The Bose SoundSport headphones are available in three sizes of their unique “StayHear” earmuffs, designed for comfort and stability while moving. Earbuds also resist perspiration, which is an important advantage: if you pay for a quality set, you absolutely want to know that the deafening sweat will not break them.

The sound quality of the Bose SoundSport headphones can be described as above average and the soundstage is slightly adjusted to highlight the ranges most appreciated by outdoor athletes. The voice is emphasized and there is a clear middle range, with less emphasis on the bass.

The earplugs are available in five different colors: charcoal, energy green, gel, neon blue, and powerful red. Bose SoundSport earplugs also feature a clothespin and thin cables, which means they do not get stuck and limit your movements when you train.

AudioFly AF180

Yes, they are expensive, but these Audiofly in-ear beauties are some of the best you can get, and that kind of quality takes a dime. The inclusion of in-ear monitors can evoke the thoughts of a rock show, which is appropriate since the Audiofly AF180 is central to almost every account. The top-of-the-line headset replaces standard dynamic drivers with four packs of small, balanced light fixtures, and delivers warm midrange and treble tones with stunning accuracy without sacrificing bass.

Perhaps more importantly, these babies soften the vivid bite that is sometimes associated with balanced light fixtures, while providing glorious details and vibrant dynamic expression. The brilliant and enveloping design of the AF180 is also one of the most attractive in its class and offers excellent passive soundproofing and comfort. The deep spacing and clear details of the soundstage make them just as capable of reproducing Radiohead as Ray LaMontagne.

Nuheara IQBuds

Although they play music and make phone calls, the real reason someone should consider Nuheara IQbuds is to improve the sounds around them. Whether it’s increasing the volume of speech or filtering ambient noise, IQbuds are the best on the market to help you separate the sounds you want to hear from the ones you do not know.

For slightly hearing impaired people, IQbuds can automatically separate background noise from speech and even provide eight customizable location settings as you enter different sound environments. People with more hearing problems in one ear than in the other ear can also adjust the overall balance of the headset so that the volume sounds the same. With a simple and clear application and touch control on the side of the wireless headphones, you can quickly choose and choose what you want to hear.

The sound quality when listening to the headphones was one of the best in their class. And perhaps most importantly: the battery life – 3.5 hours for audio streaming and just over 5 hours for audio filtering.

Westone W40

Westone products are not cheap. Nevertheless, the company prefers to publish earphones as accurate as durable. The W40 is no exception and features stylish, sturdy nails and a discreet matte black finish that you can find almost a tenth of the price on your headphones.

Are not you going for Batman’s atmosphere? Black housings can be accented with interchangeable red or blue plates (shown above) to blend the elements. The pack of 4 balanced light drivers provides superior clarity across the entire sound spectrum and provides a precise and vivid definition. These professional headphones are also quite comfortable, but more focused on audiophiles than casual listeners.

These are definitely a costly investment. But if you need the highest precision and the best quality of your ears, but you do not want to feed them, here are the headphones you are looking for. They lick and lock so you can play at random whenever you want, without sacrificing high-quality sound.


As you will see and look for the Best Earbuds for 2021, there are many choices. You will find above the best category you can choose according to your needs. All the earbuds mentioned above have been tested by our team and only they have earned their place in this list. Let us know which earbud you like from the entries above. If you have other good options, feel free to share with us through the comments section.

9.5 Total Score
Best Earbuds

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