Top 10 Best Drum Machines In The World

Unfortunately for us, lovers of analogs, the Best Drum Machines are becoming a rarity. It is disappointing in general that we have to say “real drum machine” to open this article because we remember the time when we were doing two simple beats on our MPC 1000 in our studio at the university. In our opinion, however, these pieces of music are still alive. Although VST software, MIDI keyboards, and digital audio workstations have conquered the market (rightly, technology and music equipment are fully operational today), there are still some solid drum machines on the market today. market. Let them.

Here are the Top 10 Best Drum Machines

Arturia Drumbrute

Let’s start this manual with vigor. With one of our favorite brands on the market in Arturia, Drum Brute is exceptional in all of the best drum machines. To begin with the highlights, you’ll get 17 full analog drum/percussion sounds, paired with a gorgeous sequencer that serves as a stand-alone solid for creating tracks. There is also a Steiner-Parker filter (two modes) and other performance controls if you want to go on stage.

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The 64 steps and pattern sequences also need to take knowledge, which means that we have essentially more possibilities than we have at our fingertips. If you want strictly analog, this thing is a beast and is completely polyphonic; However, for those who also use hybrid configurations, you also get USB, MIDI, and Clock inputs/outputs – why not? The Arturia DrumBrute is a monster if you can afford it and, in our opinion, one of the best drum machines in the world.

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Korg Volca Beats

Here is a small, handy machine to watch. If you are looking for a model very similar in all respects, here is one of the best hits of the moment. With Korg’s drum machine, you get a user-friendly sequencer, analog drums (hot and thick), an active jump and jump function, a MIDI IN for kicks and a compact but robust battery powered construction. We recommend buying the Korg Volca Beats if you have a smaller and more affordable drum machine (which drops a little over a hundred dollars, double check to make sure) that offers classic analog sounds. All in all, this is one of the best drum machines you can buy right now.

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Akai MPC Touch

Yes, we probably could have done a whole article based on strict MPC drum machines (actually, we did!), But that’s their second appearance and for good reason. This is the latest MPC model to date and attenuates analog and digital lines with its touch screen. It’s pretty much criticized by music leaders, but that’s what they want to do when something else comes on the market. To accentuate the touch, it actually brings us a computer built into your drum machine.

On the screen, you can configure your sequences (yes, there is a step sequencer), adjust the speed, launch with velocity, track names and more. By loading and editing sounds, samples, and VSTs, and even altering MIDI notes, it is built into the machine as digital audio software. Remember that it also includes MPC (backlit, RGB) pads, a Q-Link and other buttons to add to your uses. Although it’s a little expensive, if you want the latest version, look at the Akai MPC Touch, which is one of the best drum machines to buy.

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Alesis SR18

Now, we are talking a little older school here. It is considered one of the best drum machines of all time. This thing is absolutely pretty vintage (not quite SP 1200 but it’s high there since it has special pads for some drum sounds (that brings me back to the days when I was playing with Alesis SR16 from my father at the beginning of the ’90s.) Other highlights of Alesis’ jewel include the familiar sounds of batteries, electronic drums and one-shot hits, reverb, EQ, and compression for your effects needs. as well as the ability to connect plug-ins or MIDI controllers It is powered by alternating current or batteries, which makes it easy to browse it The Alesis SR18 is a bit cheaper than the aforementioned MPC Studio, so if you want to save money and want a simpler, outdated drum machine, make sure you’ve checked it in. Overall, it’s one of the best drum machines to buy for the moment.

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Roland Aira TR-8

The Roland TR-8 is highly appreciated by users of the world of music. You get a modern version of their classic machines TR-808 and TR-909 (with regard to the overall sound sensation). It also offers the user a 16-step sequencer, pattern variations A and B, 16 sets of 11 types of instruments, an LED display, reverb and delay effects, recording/playback modes, etc. Since the 80s are so popular (again, even this year) in most hip hop music (but not only), maybe that’s what you’re looking for. With the Roland Aira TR-8, you also get USB and MIDI compatibility, in case you’re looking for digital songs in your workflow. Overall, it’s one of the best drum machines at the moment.

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Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1 MKII

Here is a drum machine that looks rather vintage. It’s a jackpot, but it’s worth it if that’s what you’re looking for and if you have a budget: a built-in sequencer (64 steps), the ability to shape the sounds and adjust the machine itself even, change the settings in real time and 16 LFO. You also get nice effects, all effects of synthesis, track effect and overall parameter control on the device. This is one of the most classic drum machine types in this article (although it still offers MIDI input/output on the back).

You finally have six audio outputs and two audio inputs for everything you need to connect this thing. The Machinedrum SPS-1 MKII is for those who know what they are looking for and who have a little more experience with drum machines in general, but you are a beginner and want to start with something complex, our guest. All in all, this is one of the best drum machines you can buy right now.

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Dave Smith Instruments Tempest

Dave Smith Instruments is known for its high-end analog music equipment. They did it a few times in our best article on synthesizers. This is the cheapest model in this article, but listen first: it offers 16 pressure and speeds sensitive drum pads, six analog synth voices, an advanced integrated operating system (with which you can create, organize, manipulate and manipulate real melodies), as well as a beautiful OLED screen for easy navigation. You get step-by-step programming if you are, of course, able to adjust the analog effects or the drum mix and change the battery.

For some smaller additional functions, there are interesting effects: low pass filter with audio speed modulation, high pass filter, VCA with feedback, 2 LFOs and 5 envelopes. In fact, it offers the most features that an analog drum machine can offer you, and more. The Dave Smith Tempest is not at all a beginner, but if you get that thing, you have one of the best hardware, analog drum machines (and it will take time). It’s expensive, but still one of the best drum machines for the moment.

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Boss DR-880

Everyone knows that the name Boss applies to old music equipment and drum machines, right? The DR-880 is a little gem. In front of “Dr. Rhythm”, Boss’s famous old-school and hard-to-techno machines have seduced many lively musicians. If you’re newer, it’s certainly something to grab when you like a more vintage feel and sound. With this model (and they have a lot, you think it’s good), you get a nice collection of waveforms, drum sounds, percussion, and bass, as well as a number of options programming by note. There are many reasons that make it one of the best drum machines you can buy.

It has a function called “Groove Modify”, which allows you to apply grooves or a “feeling of triplet” to your tracks. It has a number of inputs for guitarists and guitarists, and the LCD is quite simplistic (clearly not as nice as some MPC, but you can at least navigate through – we love the green and black look of the old school). Some other strengths to help you make decisions include 1,000 patterns with fills and chords, 20 velocity sensitive pads and 440 built-in general sounds. You have to add some MIDI in / out connections and an expression pedal. The Boss DR-880 is at about the same level as the others.

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Korg Electribe

This is the second time that Korg appears in our article. Electribe is very popular among users of the world of music equipment. Its price is around the middle layer and offers 16 quality pads, a knob to adjust the oscillations, filtering, modulation, AMP/EG and insert FX and a built-in step sequencer. You also get support for polyphonic playback (ideal for complex chord progressions), a “motion sequence” function (record buttons and button operations), and some decent effects on board.

The synth engine is quite advanced and that’s what the price indicates, for good reason: it has 409 oscillator waveforms with analog modeling and PCM. You can become very creative with waveforms, from simple to more complex combinations (double, unison, synchro, ring and cross modulation). The Korg Electribe is just a new version of drum machines but is best known for adapting and implementing the style of synthesis. Overall, it’s one of the best drum machines at the moment.

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Akai MPC Renaissance

To complete our list, we have another model Akai MPC, but it is far too popular not to include it (although the latter, but not necessarily for a reason). We are big supporters of the MPC community in general and have heard many times that people praised the Renaissance as the best drum machine on the market. A benefit of the Renaissance is that it is still very popular and offers a lot of support and tutorials on the Internet. You have a classic arrangement of the drum machine: repetition of MPC notes, swing, transport control, etc.

Their beloved pads, as can be seen in the photo, are of course installed on the device. They also contain their new “MPC software” in the package if you also want to integrate them into a digital configuration. Another additive is the 7 gigabytes of sounds with 300 instruments included. Therefore, if you are looking for sounds next to your machine, keep them in mind. It also has these convenient buttons and switches and a relatively simple LCD screen for navigational aid. Overall, it’s one of the best drum machines that you can buy right now

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Final Words

A drum machine is an electronic device for creating rhythms. It brings live production and performance to the convenience of not needing a drummer or drummer. It is a machine appreciated by solo artists and producers around the world. There are different types of drum machines with different functions. They come with built-in models, some allow templates, others not only create samples, but also accept samples made outside.

In this article, we mentioned some of the Best Drum Machines and also looked at some important things to note when making a purchase. Hope these points have helped you understand what you need in a drum machine. This should facilitate the selection process.

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