Best DJ Headphones

The best DJ headphones are essential, whether you’re an aspiring DJ or have already made it and are looking for new toys. For a DJ, the quality of headphones can make the difference between the next hit and just one more track among the millions produced each year. This list will help you figure out which headphones are best for you and your sound. We’ll list the best headphones in terms of quality, the best all-rounders, and the best value for money to give you a variety of options.

Best DJ Headphones: List

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

The reviews are just too positive not to include it here. Not to mention the fact that they have many important functions that DJs have to look for when it comes to getting headphones to run. They come in three colors, black, blue, or white, so if aesthetics is important, you have some options. The filling and headband are made of leather, some of the most comfortable we have worn, to be honest.

Interchangeable (the 50x means that it has the function as the older versions do not), and the earcups turn. Like the others, they fold and collapse as they come with a carrying bag. We encourage you to grab this if you are an AT fan as we, or more importantly, will use your headphones for a wide range of applications, as opposed to strictly DJing. These are one of the best DJ headphones right now.

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Sennheiser HD 25

best DJ headphones

Sennheiser is one of those old companies with great headphones for basically any use. DJing is no exception. The HD 25 headphones are basically the standard when it comes to getting a solid pair of all-around DJ looks. It has a super lightweight frame that still has decent padding on the crown of the head for added comfort. The ear cups can’t be rotated either, but have swivel hinges so you can rotate them however you feel most comfortable. The ear pads are fine and comfortable enough for extended use, but it’s the insulation that makes them a workhorse.

The cushions combined with the closed-back design allow you to really concentrate on what you’re doing. They can also produce sound up to 120 dB(SPL), which is important if you’re in a noisy environment. One thing to watch out for is that they come with a 10-foot straight cable, so if you plan on using these in your daily life, you may need a rubber band for cable management. Overall, this is one of the best DJ headphones.

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V-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless Codex Edition

Most DJ headphones come with cables that are usually quite long, so you have room to move around in the booth without getting tangled up in anything. Pretty convenient right? Until you decide to use those same headphones during your morning commute and you have to roll up the cable five times and put it in your pocket. My point is that it can get annoying. So if you want to use your headphones for everyday use as well then it’s worth taking a look at the V-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless Codex Edition.

These still have most of the features of good DJ headphones, such as good isolation, build quality and a sound signature with an emphasis on bass to help with beat matching. But when you’re done with the show, it also has Bluetooth with a battery life of 14 hours, so you don’t have to be tied up with wires. Although they are expensive, they sound great and the build quality is top notch. The metal frame keeps them from breaking easily and the leather ear pads feel great and are comfortable as well. Overall, this is one of the best DJ headphones.

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Shure SRH750DJ

best DJ headphones

Here Shure is running on high-end DJ headphones, and it has a pretty good reputation among us. The ear cushions are replaceable, which always makes our heads beat because spending a decent amount of money on headphones means that it is an investment and will extend life considerably. You also get a carrying bag with this, and it is quite light in half a pound.

I’ve heard that people use it for other activities, such as mixing and mastering, video editing, and podcasting – also good all-around headphones. We enter it on the fourth day because we still prefer Allen and Heath or Pioneer, but if you can find them on several websites at a lower price, you have to grab it while it’s cheap. Shure is always a good choice if you want quality products; they have proven it for decades. The Shure SRH750DJ is certainly one of the best DJ headphones on the market.

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Numark Red Wave

Numark DJ equipment takes the award as the best budget-friendly model; the Red Wave offers us only all the essential features at an affordable price that make it one of the best DJ headphones. The earcups turn, the cable is detachable, and the drivers are quite large for the price at 50 mm. The leather upholstery will not cause pain after a long time, but if you sweat a lot, it can get a bit uncomfortable. You may want to take a break here and there to breathe your ears because they cover them (design over the ear).

Many people swear by this simply because of the price and the fact that the quality gives a lot of the more expensive and popular models a run for their money. What is cool about this (or just one of the models in this article) is the fact that they can also be used for other activities, not just for DJs – you do not have to limit it. We recommend that you use these as the best DJ headphones if you have a limited budget – do not be fooled by the price tag. The Numark Red Wave won the best for less than $100, so we had to keep them here as well.

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Beyerdynamic DT-1350

best DJ headphones

A headphone article is not appropriate without a few Beyerdynamics in it, right? They are one of the more expensive brands when it comes to headphones, and no, we do not mean a Beats by Dre type – they are not marketed so often, but surpass others when it comes to overall construction and specifications. The impedance is higher than all other pairs in this article (80 Ohm), so if power is important to you, this may be the pair you buy (yes, you need a headphone amplifier or an audio interface to feed them fully).

The earcups are, of course, rotatable, and the headband is very flexible for a natural fit – it’s a “split” so you can adjust two parts around your head. A little different in terms of fit, but it works as intended. Beyerdynamic is one of the best brands for headphones out the re, so if you have this, you have confidence in the model that it will take you years. Super nice sound quality with this and the only downside is that they are there when it comes to price, but if you can afford it and want a premium pair of the best DJ headphones, this is a perfect choice.

Sony MDR1A

best DJ headphones

Good Sony Electronics here and this is probably the most expensive and one of the best DJ headphones we have in the article (depending on where you look). Still, with the specifications and functions, it is reasonably justified. The Sony MDR1A has only 40 mm drivers, but remember that the size is not necessarily better.

You have several smartphone controls built into the cable, so if you plan to use it with a smart device (with a DJ app perhaps?) or for daily use alongside your DJs, it’s great. It comes with a carrying bag, and the cable is completely interchangeable, but except that it is simple. We advise you to get this if you need some control over what you use; otherwise, there are cheaper models here that are better for DJs.

Audio-Technica ATH-M20x

best DJ headphones

The Audio-Technica ATH-M20x is the best DJ headphones in the budget segment that we tested. They’re lightweight and don’t clamp down on your ears too tightly, so you shouldn’t experience too much fatigue during a long set. They also have a simple, understated look that shouldn’t draw too much attention no matter where you play. These over-ears have a generally well-balanced sound profile, with remarkably neutral mids and a generally accurate bass range, resulting in full, present and clear vocals and lead instruments.

That said, they lack a bit of thump and rumble due to their slightly underexposed low-bass response and have an uneven treble range, resulting in a slight loss of clarity in some higher notes. While they don’t block out too much noise, they can be useful if you want to monitor your set and the room’s mix at the same time. Overall, this is one of the best DJ headphones.

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The most striking thing that struck him among other DJ headphones is the ‘bass boost’ switch that is available – if you’re in the mood for some bumps, I say so. It is, therefore, not necessarily good to mix and master, and if you put it in your headphones, it may not agree with what others hear. Other than that, the cable is detachable; you get 50 mm drivers and a super handy folding mechanism to finish them off as a solid pair for DJs.

They are fairly lightweight and comfortable, so do not worry about the fit. Grab them if you want a pair within the middle price range and if you’re looking for some extra bass to bump your ears. A little harder to find around the net, the AKG K181 DJ gives us nice high quality for a reasonable price as another one of our favorite choices as the best DJ headphones.

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Behringer HPX2000

best DJ headphones

The Behringer HPX2000 is super cheap, comes at around twenty dollars street price (price will change depending on the seller, please note), so if you’re looking for super budget-friendly and one of the best DJ headphones, this may be the one you want to watch. We mentioned them last because of the prices and in case you were looking for something within this range. The cups run as planned, a robust headband construction, and a fairly large dynamic range. Nothing special here, but it is probably one of the best DJ headphones you can get for this price.

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