Top 10 Best Acoustic Guitars Of All Time

Finding the Best Acoustic Guitars can be a difficult task, especially with how timeless this instrument is and how many gems there are in the world today. We remember the first time we picked up our father’s acoustic guitar when we could barely talk; something about the feel of that wood finish and copper strings that are pucked still has a strong emotional association in our lives to this day. This motivated us to put together a quick and easy guide to facilitate your search in case you had a hard time searching through the rubble. As we continue our quest for the best instruments of all time, today we meet the top 10 best acoustic guitars to help you find the perfect model for your plucking needs.

Here are the Top 10 Best Acoustic Guitars Of All Time

Yamaha FG800

Starting with our list, this is a six-string model that perfectly fits the needs of a wide range of guitarists to cover many bases as the guide begins. The ratings there are huge with this and the reputation it has helps us to make our decision. It is built with quality, made from Sitka spruce, that provides smooth tones with a slightly slower response. It feels great in the hands of the player thanks to its fine shape and lightweight. The bridge, the overlay head and the key are made of solid rosewood with a glossy finish, while the body binding is designed in an interesting black and white combination.

The tuners are made of chrome, while the picking protection is a turtle. As far as sound is concerned, you get the traditional acoustic feeling with some warmth. This solid acoustic guitar has no cutaway and is designed for right-handed musicians and comes with 20 frets and a scalloped draping pattern. Definitely one of the best choices for acoustic guitar if you’re looking for an affordable, lightweight acoustic guitar. Although it was more than difficult to choose the first acoustic guitar in our guide, we felt that the Yamaha FG800 is one of the best acoustic guitars in the world for a number of reasons as you can see.

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Fender FA-100

Then this was actually our top choice in our guide for the acoustic guitar for beginners that we have just published. This guitar top is made of shiny Basswood – Fender uses high-quality materials, and this guitar comes with their brand bridge and head, as well as their classic pickguard shape. The bracing is quartersawn X, which will contribute to the stability and sound production of the guitar. This thing lasts for many, many years if you take good care of it, so we consider it a very smart investment. There are many reasons that make it one of the best acoustic guitars right now.

The strap button is mounted forward and comes with a reinforced inner block, which is another Fender brand that will certainly be popular with users who love high-quality acoustic guitars that deliver a smooth, balanced sound. The neck truss rod is hex adjustable, and this is great resistance to the 12-52 gauge Duratone strings. An overall great feeling and sound here for a lower price on top of everything. The Fender FA-100 is one of the most famous and best acoustic guitar options when it comes to general popularity and proven reputation with virtually every guitarist you ask for.

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Seagull S6

Let’s step into guitars that step up a bit if the previous two do not meet your needs. It comes with a fine top made of quality cedar, a rosewood bridge and fingerboard, a maple neck and cherry wood sides and back. This combination of wood tones gives this guitar a nice look and a rich, smooth sound. Slightly shorter than the usual scale (comes at 24.84 inches), this guitar comes with a solid rosewood fingerboard and the machine head alignment enables quick tuning. We know many people who prefer a shorter fit, but it really depends on what you are interested in.

The Seagull S6 is definitely one of the best acoustic guitars when it comes to getting great value for money within the middle price point of these timeless instruments. Here we have the beloved Seagull S6, an elegant, beautiful-looking, US-made acoustic guitar that is a solid option for different types of users (mainly for semi-professional guitarists, but great for players will also find many sympathetic qualities in the even if you are just starting).

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Larrivee OM-40

We have the best high-end acoustic guitar here. It comes with a retro design (square head and tuner with an open back) made of high-quality materials: a top made of Sitka spruce, sides and back of shiny mahogany. The bridge and the key are made of cedar wood. The combination of wood and the classic OM shape and the V-shaped neck of the Larrivee OM-40 delivers a smooth, lively, already familiar Larrivee sound. Ordinary users will also appreciate the invigorating value of parabolic scalloped bones and saddle.

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This guitar is a good example of how tradition and innovation go well – and although it is a lot more expensive than others, it can appeal to fewer people, but those who can afford it will not be disappointed at all. It was also ranked as the choice for Gear Patrol’s high-end model in their top acoustic guitars post with a reason. The Larrivee OM-40 is one of the best acoustic guitars when it comes to people who take their guitars seriously, and for good reason – this is one of the best choices when you are concerned about the first-class build and high-quality sound.

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Jasmine S34C NEX

This is easy to hold and play on this guitar, even if you’re just starting out with your guitar playing. The top of the S34C NEX is made of solid spruce with a satin finish and has sapele sides and back, which gives it a sleek look and feel. Let’s not forget to mention the rosewood bridge and key, together with a durable synthetic saddle and a bone nut. Their unique Jasmine X reinforcement provides an optimal sound response, while the slim neck and the 25.5-inch long shell ensure you can play comfortably.

We would say that at the moment it is the best budget-friendly and starting acoustic guitar and to catch it if you’re just starting out or looking for a cheaper solution than others in this category. The Jasmine S-34C is an elegant, low-end (in terms of price range) designed acoustic guitar that delivers smooth sounds with balanced quality – certainly one of the best acoustic guitars if you’re looking for a good price-performance ratio.

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Fender CD-60

As we see another appearance from one of our favorite brands of all time, the Fender CD-60 is a solid acoustic guitar with six strings that combines an elegant mahogany top, neck, sides and back with a shiny rosewood fingerboard for a stylish look and feel. lively, full and soft sound. The reputation of this state is not only in the sound but also in the total wood construction. The CD-60 has a dreadnought shape and a solid guitar, which means solid sound quality while ensuring comfortable use. We love the darker brown finish of the available model.

This is a guitar without a cutaway and it is mainly intended for right-handed players. The bracing is of a scalloped X-type and the neck has a recognizable Fender C-shape. The 25.3-inch long scale creates a deep, soft sound. The nut is made of synthetic bone and is 1.69 inches wide, while the strings are made of coated 80/20 bronze. All in all, the Fender CD-60 is a classic and high-quality Fender acoustic guitar that is one of the best acoustic guitars, especially for beginners to medium-level users.

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Taylor 714ce

Although they have quite a few dominant models in the category, we found this Taylor guitar the best, because it is the highest rated and suitable for most users. This is one of the best acoustic guitar models when it comes to vibrant, warm tones, thanks to the use of high-quality wood and sturdy Taylor production. The body of the 714ce is made of Lutz spruce wood and Indian rosewood – combined with an attractive weave made of Hawaii koa, a rosette of Douglas fir and an old designed pickaxe. It provides a rich and powerful sound in different music settings and plays choices.

The Taylor 714ce comes with a unique NT neck and the electronic expression system behind the saddle. These combined elements give this guitar very good, dynamic sound qualities. This guitar comes with Taylor nickel tuners and bronze coated strings and is an acoustic guitar with 20 frets (14 of them free) and 12 strings. The Taylor 714ce is one of the best acoustic guitars, and when we gave a text message to the three most experienced guitarists we know, they all recommended Taylor acoustics in their list.

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Gibson SJ-200

Now here is a colossus. The Gibson SJ-200 is a very nice example of what Gibson stands for, especially if you need one of the best high-end acoustic guitars we’ve ever seen. In terms of sound, there is nothing like it, and although many may consider it as another expensive Gibson latch instrument, it is not for the average. For the construction industry, the use of wood provides a very nice sound and a durable quality: Sitka fir for body, sides, and back of high-quality maple wood, rosewood for the bridge, Adirondack fir for the soundboard – all these elements contribute to a beautiful and timeless sound.

It comes with double pickguards, a dovetail neck, very fine fretwork, as well as saddle and nut. All details point to a passion for the best production (we hope for that price tag). All in all, the materials used contribute to the lightweight and comfortable use, which is another reason why we consider this one of the best acoustic guitars.

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Yamaha F335

As we continue our list, we still have a relatively budget-friendly choice to cover all price level options for our readers. It has a laminated spruce top with a glossy finish, meranti sides and back, rosewood fingerboard and turtle pickguard – this kind of wood gives you a solid, neatly smooth sound and clear acoustics. Tuners that have died with gold ensure that you can fine-tune accurately, quickly and easily and that 20 frets (of which 14 are free) are available.

This guitar is interesting to play and has good consistency, so it is an excellent choice for playing in small clubs where you do not need an over-the-top sound power or anything to practice in your room or studio. The Yamaha F335 comes in the well-known (and beloved) dreadnought form, and it is absolutely the best acoustic guitars if you want to get great value for your money (and do not want to spend a lot of money because you’re a beginner).

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Fender FA135CE

Finally and certainly not least, the Fender FA135CE is another famous acoustic guitar with a cool and stylish design. The top is made of laminated glossy spruce, with laminated back and sides and a nato neck. It has an age-appropriate touch and strap on the body, with a white rosette on the ring for an attractive contrasting look. This guitar comes with X-type bracing that provides a sleek, vibrant tone, with memorable high and medium frequencies.

The FA135CE is also known as a lightweight guitar, so it is very comfortable to use. The tuners are made of high-quality chrome that allows a fast and accurate tuning. The electronic system in the guitar includes an ION-t preamplifier and tuner that provides quick and easy amplification and tuning. Just another famous Fender option here, this time there will be another lower price point option for those that he can call upon. Overall, this is one of the best acoustic guitars that you can buy right now.

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Final Words

From rock bands to the orchestra, when it comes to creating real music, musicians will not compromise. Or it’s the perfect sound quality, great tuning, fantastic durability or nothing at all! Do not let the perfectionist down in you. The same is true if you are a guitarist. Acoustic guitars are a personal favorite of most musicians, singers, and artists. We bring the Best Acoustic Guitars to you that is the best available. Not only are they the best acoustic guitars recommended by professionals, but they also help encourage first-timers to follow their dreams of guitar playing without having to break their banks.

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