Top 10 Best 4K TVs For Gaming In The World

August 28, 2021

The more time you spend on quality on your Xbox One X or PS4 Pro, the more important it is to do it with quality control. Of course, you can connect your game console to any old 720p or 1080p monitor, but any gamer knows that one of the best 4K TVs for gaming makes the difference. When the current generation of Xbox and PlayStation consoles was first introduced, HD-enabled machines had everything they needed to make your games look their best. for 2021, when mid-cycle hardware upgrades gave us consoles capable of performing 4K resolution and high dynamic range (HDR) for all your video and game needs.

While this is great news for the quality of our gaming experiences, it is putting more and more pressure on your TV to connect it to the output of your slot machine. A console can have all the power of the world, but it makes no sense if it is connected to a TV that cannot use that improved power. So, what exactly makes a TV, one of the Best 4K TVs For Gaming? discuss:

Features Of The Best 4K TVs For Gaming


The Xbox One S runs all games in 4K, thanks to a surprisingly well-constructed scaling. The PS4 Pro also offers 4K games, combining upgrades and gaming enhancements. The Xbox One X has been designed with enough power to control more games than ever before with native 4K support built into the engine. Yes, you can still get non-4K Xbox One and PS4 consoles, and the Nintendo switch is not interested in 4K either. And yes, non-4K games must be scaled by a 4K TV, so they will not be completely “pure”. Scaling up is now remarkably good on the best 4K TVs for gaming and can be done without adding significant delay to the time it takes for a TV to display photos.


High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology is in the immediate vicinity of 4K in the world of video. This produces photos with a much wider range of light than the standard dynamic range photos we have been living with for decades, the pictures we see on our screens are closer to the way our eyes see the real world. The Xbox One S supports HDR in some of its games and via some of its streaming applications. The same situation applies to both PS4 and PS4 Pro and of course, the Xbox One X also offers HDR. Most people would say that HDR had a better impact than 4K, especially on small screens.


One of the most important elements of a good HDR performance is clarity. Many movies and games focus on 1,000 nits or more for the brightest elements. Therefore, if you have a less clear TV, the total potential of the HDR is not fully exploited. Especially in an environment with video games, where the contrasting graphics images can be stronger than the “real life” often seems to be. It is perfectly possible for TVs to make beautiful HDR photos without reaching 1,000 nits and more clarity. This is especially true for OLED displays. But the darker a screen is, the harder its processing will have to work hard to try to understand how image information can be resolved in HDR areas beyond its capabilities.

Top 10 Best TVs

Lag Free

If you really are a serious gamer – especially when it comes to answer-based online games – you have to take into account the input offset: the time it takes for a TV to receive image data received via its entries. You are looking for low numbers of course if you do not want your opponent to shoot you, your TV can not even be seen! Again, manufacturers do not tend to provide lag figures in their supplied specifications. In general, we measure the input offset on the TVs we test. We also provided the input delay measures for all of our recommended TVs.

Great Audio

Sound design has always been an integral part of an exceptional gaming experience. With the advent of surround sound games, however, it’s still a step forward today. In fact, the Xbox One S and Xbox One X consoles even support the Dolby Atmos audio system: Dolby’s most advanced audio system to date, introducing a height-based channel and “object-based” precision for the sound image. With impressive timing, LG is about to extend support for Dolby Atmos via HDMI to its OLED televisions for 2021 (some of which feature built-in sound bars). Although integrated Atmos support has not yet been found elsewhere, TVs have increased strongly this year with very powerful sound systems. If you are thinking of investing in an external sound system, it will certainly be worthwhile to keep in mind the quality of sound and image when you buy your gaming TV.

Here are the Top 10 4K TVs For Gaming

Samsung QN65Q9FN QLED TV

The best 4K gaming TV ever? Could be!

This high-end Samsung 65-inch set has a number of unique benefits for gamers. For starters, unique screen filters mean that photos remain almost completely unaffected by ambient light. And believe us: being able to play in broad daylight and enjoy photos as intense, clear and contrasted as in a dark room is nothing short of a revelation. The set also resolves majestic 4K resolutions, while robust build quality delivers reasonably powerful, distortion-free audio performance (despite the absence of apparent speakers).

If all that is not exciting enough, the QN65Q9FN blows competition with an exceptionally low 12ms input delay in Game Mode. That said, the QN65Q9FN may suffer slight light-charge issues during very high-contrast HDR sequences. high and unfortunately it is painfully expensive. But nothing prevents it from taking first place on our list of the best 4K TVs for gaming.


  • Spectacular HDR picture quality
  • Powerful, well-rounded sound
  • Cutting-edge gaming features


  • Limited viewing angles

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The E8 is LG’s top-scoring OLED

Although the LG E8 OLED does not have as much HDR-compatible clarity as the Samsung Q9FN, it’s amazing when it comes to the other side of brightness, with rich, rich black colors that are completely free from this type of cloud issues as LCD TVs. Moreover, although the OLED can not yet be as clear as the LCD, the way the darkest pixel in an OLED photo can be close to the brightest without pollution between the two gives the images of the ‘OLED55E8 a superb light quality particularly effective in dark gaming environments.

Players will now be happy to learn that the OLED E8, unlike the previous two predecessors, does not significantly alter the image when playing in low latency HDR mode. It also supports 120fps games with HD resolutions, the full 4: 4: 4 PC color, and an exceptionally low input delay index of less than 20ms. All in all, this is one of the best 4k TVs for gaming to buy right now.


  • Gorgeous, contrast-rich images
  • A built-in soundbar is great


  • The B7 has the same panel!

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Sony XBR-55X930E

This is the best 4K TV for gaming from Sony that you can currently buy

The Sony XE9305 series is unique in the world of LCD TVs for the use of two light guide plates. This essentially gives you double control over the amount of light reaching different parts of the screen when you use other LCD TVs lit on the edge. As a result, the 55-inch XBR-55X930E has so far been able to display brightly colored HDR reflections (up to 1400 nits and up) on the screen alongside deep blacks more effectively than n any other LCD screen. This makes it one of the best candidates for the best 4K gaming TVs.

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Thanks to Sony’s Triluminos processing, the colors are also exceptionally rich and vivid, and no brand treats movements as close as Sony. You can sometimes “block” light trails around striking HDR objects, but the 55XE9305’s photos are mostly a glowing game nirvana. The only drawback is the input latency of the 55XE9305 of about 38 ms. It is slightly higher than we could ideally see and we sometimes regress to 52ms. However, it’s one of the best 4K TVs for gaming to buy right now.


  • Exceptional picture quality
  • Space-saving design


  • Input lag figure of around 38ms

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Samsung NU8000

With beautiful colors and lightning fast response times, the NU8000 is a kingly gaming TV

Samsung’s exceptionally bright QLED displays and phenomenal quality LED LCDs are rented throughout the year for performance, image processing, and technical capabilities. Too bad it’s not the TVs that most people buy. If you’re looking for a mid-range TV that offers everything you need to play 4K HDR games without reducing images, take a look at the Samsung NU8000 series. This may not be as clear as some of the competitors on this page, but leave a chance in HDR + mode, and you might be surprised what this outsider can do. Such things make it one of the best 4K gaming TVs to buy right now.


  • HDR+ Mod
  • Bright, beautiful colors


  • Motion issues
  • Bixby hurts more than help

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Panasonic TX-EX750

The 50-inch 50EX750 is a startlingly affordable 4K TV with crisp, clear pictures and a fast response time

Panasonic’s latest LCD TV may not be as bright as most of its competitors, but it has a pretty cool trick: a new digitally enhanced backlight technology that adjusts the angle of each pixel for to meet the usual glare problems associated with LCD technology. This gives the darkest game scenes more uniformity, which helps to stay more immersed in the action. The 50EX750 also stands out from the gaming audience with its excellent 10ms input port in game mode. Frustration, you get the best picture quality of the 50EX750 when you use dynamic picture presetting – but you can still stay dynamic during most of your games and go to Game only if you play something in which reaction times are really important. This is one of the best 4K TVs for gaming in the world.


  • Digitally enhanced backlight
  • 10ms of input lag


  • Sound not so good

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Beat the rest with the affordable entry-level LG OLED B7

Although the OLED55B7 does not feature the LG OLED55E7’s ultra-glamorous design and built-in soundbar higher up in this list, it delivers remarkably the same high level of contrast-rich image quality for much less. The input offset remains just as important in just 21ms and, while it is important to emphasize again that the clarity of the maximum clarity of the 740 OLED displays limits the impact of its HDR photos, the ability to place dark black colors represent only a pixel distance. Overall, this is one of the best 4K TVs for gaming to buy right now.


  • Jaw-dropping HDR pictures
  • Unexpectedly good sound


  • Some backlight ‘blooming’
  • Colour striping in HDR mode

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Sony XBR55X800E

Strong 4K pictures and smart features meet aggressive pricing in this pleasingly no-nonsense range of TV and gaming all-rounders

One of our latest recommendations for one of the best 4K gaming TVs is another big one. This gives us the opportunity to mention one last point about game consoles and PC today compared to previous generations: you really have to think big to get something like the ultimate gaming experience. This is partly because of the need for a relatively large screen to make the most of 4K resolutions, but also because major TV brands produce colors, contrasts, and brightness that are more true to HDR in their cameras. relatively large TVs – and unfortunately expensive.

Even a 55-inch Sony model struggles to get some clarity in its attempt to make 4K HDR photos relatively affordable. However, thanks to the Triluminos processing engine from Sony, the colors are perfectly respected, while the black level performance is excellent for an LCD model as affordable and illuminated by the edges. It also suffers only on average with an input delay of 21 ms – although, oddly enough, it may occasionally slip at around 50 ms for an image or two. But overall, it’s one of the best 4K TVs for gaming right now.


  • Strong picture quality
  • Attractive design


  • Struggles for brightness
  • Input lag can slip to 50ms

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Philips 65PUS7601

The combination of Ambilight, good pricing for a 65-inch UHD/HDR screen and a dedicated HDR gaming mode get this TV on our list

The Philips 65PUS7601 offers perhaps the most aggressive TV and one of the best 4K gaming TVs on this list, in the form of its Ambilight system. Ambilight uses LED lights along the left, right, and top edges of the TV to emit colored lights that can be constantly compared in terms of the shade, intensity, and even location of the colors in the photo you are viewing. the result is a greatly improved connection with what you watch, which is especially useful for games.

The Ambilight system even offers a special game mode, designed to react faster than normal to changes in your graphics. In addition, the 65PUS7601 also offers solid 4K and HDR image quality (at a relatively reasonable price), and you can get an input delay of about 30 ms if you take care to configure it. The set even includes a special HDR game mode that adapts the HDR processing to the relatively accurate and precise appearance of the game’s graphics compared to the “natural” video. Overall, this is one of the best 4K TVs for gaming to buy.


  • Excellent backlight control
  • Great price for the picture quality


  • Complicated picture set-up
  • Doesn’t deliver full HDR experience


The Best 4K TVs For Gaming offsets a number of factors. No matter what price range or feature set you’re looking for, if you’re buying a new TV now, you might want something that best showcases 4K games – even if you’re still stuck in the era 1080, the 4K evolves quickly become the base, so you will want to prove yourself in the future. Our list of the Best 4K Gaming TVs represents the 4k TVs that you can buy now to enjoy your games on PS4 Pro and Xbox One.

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