Wave Race 64 – Review (N64)

Wave Race 64 – Review (N64)

# WaveRace64 # Nintendo64 #Nintendo The Nintendo 64 is a system full of great racing games. They have everything from Mario Kart 64 to Diddy Kong Racing, Star Wars Episode 1 Racer, Crusin USA, F Zero X and there’s a lot more after that, but for me Wave Race 64 has always been the highlight and is a little less complicated than its N64 contemporaries , with a lack of items to shoot at your opponents like we have in Mario Kart or massive speed bumps like we see in F-Zero X, Wave Race has obvious mechanics that games don’t. Water physics. By today’s standards the game looks dated, but by today’s standards it still feels great and that’s the whole point of this game. Because I’m looking at this game through the eyes of someone coming from SNES or Sega Genesis, and Wave Race was such a huge leap in technology and gaming that it not only showed us the performance of the Nintendo 64, but how the leap from 2D to 3D gaming could drastically change the way we play. Water physics was never up to the standards we have here at the time, and there aren’t even a lot of games these days that give the same feeling of soaring around on a jet ski, with pixel-perfect controls. And given the leap from 2D to 3D gaming, it was the next best thing after reality. This game just screams for 90s, an era of extreme sports games, just a few years before Tony Hawk Pro Skater, but still in this era of Cool Boarders, Jet Moto, Snowboard Kids, Road Rash, Wave Race, everything just fits into this game there’s gaudy colors, a strange soundtrack that sometimes feels like elevator music, surf dress, but somehow it just works with its catchy tunes and then there’s the announcer who is super upbeat, there’s nothing like hitting the turn get in the expert difficulty at just the right time and let the announcer yell MAXIMUM POWER or finish the first with a flawless run by letting him yell BANZAI to get you in the mood for this game and again you can unlock the ability to drive A dolphin. ________________________________________________________________________ I wish you all a lot of fun and, as always, thank you for watching! Consider sponsoring the channel on Patreon, where we have an additional monthly podcast for just $ 1 a month:

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