This will BRICK your RTX 3090!

This will BRICK your RTX 3090!

Get up to 21% discount during the Drops Summer Sale at ► LISTEN TO THE TECHNICAL NEWS: ► LISTEN TO MERCH: ► SUPPORT US ON THE FLOATING PLANE: ►LTX EXPO: Timestamp: 0:00 WELCOME EXALTED ONE 0:07 New World bricking RTX 3090s 1:10 freedom Phone is fraudulent 2:09 Pegasus spyware scandal 3:04 Drop Summer Sale 3:43 QUICK BITS 3:49 Bezos goes into space 4:23 Intel 12900K is a baller? 4:50 AMD GPU on ARM! 5:27 DirectStorage on Win10 5:54 Ubisoft. Why are you like that? NEWS SOURCES A WHOLE NEW WORLD [FLAMES ERUPT]
Amazon’s New World Bricks RTX 3090s – Limit Frames Per Second to 60 FREEDOM IS NOT FREE Freedom Phone is almost certainly a scam BAD PEGASUS. DOWN, BOY Pegasus spyware used by governments to target journalists, activists and world leaders, have you been targeted? FAST BITS C’MON JEFF, GET THEM! Blue Origin 1st Crewed Launch Refund Money Gone Away A RYZEN ALDER-NATIVE 12th Generation Intel Leaks Look Promising EVERYONE LOVES ARM RX 6700XT Drivers Patched to Run on RISC-V WHO NEED THE NEW MODEL JK You don’t need Win11 for DirectStorage IT’S TIME TO UBI-STOP Ubisoft tries again with XDefiant (Gag) ——————————— ——— ———- AFFILIATED COMPANIES & REFERENCES ————————— ——- —————- ►Affiliates, Sponsors & Referrals: ►Private Internet Access VPN: ►MK Keyboards: ►Nerd or Die Stream Overlays: ►Official Game Store: ►Amazon Prime: ► Free Audible Trial: ►Our Equipment on Amazon: FOLLOW US ANYWHERE —————————- —— ————–
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