There are TONNES of NEW VR games coming SOON! // Oculus Quest, PC VR & PSVR

There are TONNES of NEW VR games coming SOON! // Oculus Quest, PC VR & PSVR

After a long time with very few new VR games, we will soon be hit by an avalanche of new VR games across Oculus Quest / Quest 2, PC VR and PSVR platforms. There are actually so many (including new VR games on Sidequest, Steam,, and the Oculus Store) that I had many more in mind after editing and exporting the video that I may be doing a second part next week must to cover all the games i couldn’t include in this video. This video was sponsored by VR Cover, check out the amazing face interface here – If you’re hungry for new Oculus Quest 2 games, desperately looking for new VR experiences, or just curious about the new VR games coming soon, then this video will break down the big titles coming out in the next 4 weeks before we take a sneak peek at some big hitters who don’t have release dates yet but are expected in 2021: Timestamp: 0:00 – Intro 1:27 – A word from our sponsor (VR Cover) – 3:58 – Space Pirate Trainer Arena 5:18 – Legendary Tales 6:23 – Star Wars Tales From Galaxy’s Edge Last Call 7:27 – Clash of Chefs VR 8:20 – Bean Stalker 9:21 – Walking Dead Saints & Sinners Aftershocks 10:09 – Rhythm of the Universe Ionia 11:09 – Jurassic World Aftermath Part 2 12:08 – Captain Toonhead 12:53 – Song in the Smoke 13:40 – Shadowgate VR 14: 41 – Warhammer Age of Sigmar Tempestfall 15:31 – ALVO 16:12 – Resident Evil 4 VR 16:56 – Lone Echo 2 17:38 – After the Fall 18:21 – Outro If you want more VR gameplay Videos, VR game reports and first VR impressions, then leave a Like, Leave a comment below and click Subscribe to be rewarded with a constant stream of endless content created with love and care. Every Monday I publish a new pure gameplay video & report 3 to 4 times a week about first impressions & VR horror long plays. All of your support is appreciated and just interacting with these videos helps me keep improving the content I have created. Follow me Twitter here – #OculusQuest # Quest2 #VR – New VR Games 2021 Oculus Quest 2 – New VR Games Coming Soon – New VR Games Oculus Quest 2 – New Oculus Quest 2 Games – New Oculus Quest Games 2021 – VR Games Coming soon – Resident Evil 4 VR – Star Wars VR / Tales From The Galaxys Edge VR – After the Fall – Jurassic World Aftermath – PC VR – PSVR.

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