EASY Bi-Directional Relationships in Oxygen with Metabox!

EASY Bi-Directional Relationships in Oxygen with Metabox!

I am officially switching from CPT-UI, ACF Pro and ACF Post 2 Post to the all-in-one system from Metabox. Get Metabox here: One big thing I had to test / verify is the bi-directional relationship functionality in Metabox as I use it in almost every project and it has to be clean and simple. This isn’t particularly clean with ACF so Metabox had a real chance to shine here and I can say with confidence … it does! If you’ve never set this up before, you may encounter a few small sticking points, but once you know what they are, setting up this functionality really couldn’t be easier. Covered: – How To Create A Custom Post Type In Metabox – How To Create Custom Fields In Metabox – How To Create Bidirectional Relationships In Metabox (Correctly) – How To Query Related Posts With The Oxygen Repeater & Advanced Query Builder – Sticking Points You Might On bump me, by the way, I have the LIFETIME version of Metabox, which is worth what I pay for ACF Pro every year. If you have the money I would highly recommend that you do the same, although you can use the annual developer plan as well:

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