ViewSonic Elite XG270QG Review

In the world of gaming monitors on the of potential buyers, you often have to make a choice, speed, and performance for multi-player games, such as the Apex of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or the quality of the visual content, such as movies and TV shows online. But in ViewSonic’s exceptionally good for the Elite XG270QG the best of both worlds and are available on a single screen. This 27-inch 1440p monitor up to 165Hz refresh rate, you don’t need a ton on the artistic side, to stand out from the crowd. This is the ViewSonic’s Elite XG270QG Review.


The new Viewsonic, Elite XG270QG it is not a head-turner for a classic design. The aesthetics are all black, and mostly clean, aside from a RGB LED light embedded in the rear portion of the concert, and an additional hexagonal ring of the RGB LED in the back. Thanks to the thin edges on the first and on both sides of it, it is modern and contemporary. At least, until you connect for the “Sight Shields” to the side of the screen.

These are similar to those of the copper, which was discovered in a high-quality, timely offers. In this context, an increase in the exposure for it can be found in the pattern of thought is to cut out the ambient light that falls on it. For the game, and, once again, that there is no first-to-display – your income is far less clear-cut. If you use this monitor at home, and alone, it is not related to the dam from either side. Even so, the XG270QG useful for the construction of a high-quality, and a lot of changes along the way in the picture.

ViewSonic’s Elite XG270QG for the Revision of the Resource

Living with these sharp edges is the most important occasion of the 27-inch display with an IPS panel. With 2,560 by 1,440 pixels, and it is a great place for all the modern games on the PC. It’s a great compromise between features and efficiency. 1080p, you lose the first one, while 4 has a cost of the printing with respect to the latter. Of course, there are quite a few 1440p gaming panels out there, many of which are likely to 165Hz update XG270QG, ” adaptive synchronization Nvidia G-Sync, and a 1 ms response.

Just as good as you can do is mix up all the pieces that provides you a color-accurate IPS panel, and thus, 98% of the DCI-P3 color of the house. DCI-P3 is the predominant color of the house, for the movie to start, and it is quickly turning into the gold normal for the first time. It is difficult to normal to get to a 98 % compliance is excellent, especially for a gaming monitor, the location in which the accuracy is generally not implausible.

That said, it is the ViewSonic XG270QG lose is noticeably dynamic range (HDR) to assist, to the fact that it’s held back by a brightness of 350 nits, and the structural distinction of 1000: 1. Without the risk of the figures, however, are clearly not dynamic range (HDR) photos. In other places, you have to get the DisplayPort and the HDMI port. However, none of the USB Type-C is that, all bets are off. It can be price noting that the HDMI port on your it’s 1.four of the spec, which is limited to 60 hz refresh.

To make a long story quick, for the benefit of the whole of the range from the upgrade of the charges to the XG270QG, it is essential to join up to it via DisplayPort. For the same topic, please, please, please, say that it is not possible to handle the display of the native of the decisions by means of the modern day game consoles.


Off the field, the XG270QG it seems quite implausible: the colour stand out as the support of the precision, accuracy, and realism. In the same way, the angle of the view is glorious. You could tell all of that from any of the fashionable monitor with an IPS panel. Where if you deviate from expectations, and, in a positive way, to the top comes on when you start playing video games. They give the impression of being a rich, sharp, and full of life and detail, and it is not any shock.

ViewSonic's Elite XG270QG Review

But the speed and response are outstanding for an IPS panel. Combined with the 165Hz for the upgrade, and people’s IPS, the colors, the result is a spectacular game experience. To be truthful, it does not matter what kind of game is your bag. The Apex of the Legends of the heels, the colour entirely and sing with the rhythm, and the answer. Assassin’s Creed iii the Odyssey, and The Witcher III is looking very bright.

There are some limitations on the ability of the display. Strictly speaking, it is the case, you can try to play it in a professional way with a web-based shooter, reminiscent of the CS: GO), you continue to need to upgrade a panel is TN, and 200 hz, respectively. But, quickly, you have dealt with on this board, and extra.

ViewSonic’s Elite XG270QG Review Conclusion

However, it is not, in fact, the low cost in comparison with the latest 27-inch 4K IPS panels, with the excess of the upgrade costs, all of which is, in fact, at the penalty of the 4-digit number, the XG270QG is a substantial cost savings. And, in fact, it almost provides a more remarkable experience. It has little or nothing to do away, in a non-dynamic range (HDR) content of the material is related to the colours and the image is generally of high quality, and a fast-paced, and response. In the same way, the decrease in decision-making ensures that the top of the image, and the speed.

The disadvantage is, finally, just a few. USB-a to C would be to improve the usability of the XG270QG, especially if you’d like to join him for a game for the computer or laptop. The Vision of the Shields, also it could be a little bit silly, however, so you don’t have to conform to them. In addition to this, it makes little sense, as it is a display of the console. In the end, our only real reservation is that the price remains to be fairly excessive. That is a major downside, it’s not something that’s special to this Viewsonic.

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Nine The Total Score

ViewSonic’s Elite XG270QG the game the monitor provides all of 1440p gamers would want, and much, much more. This is a panel that, in spite of its price, it still offers a great value for the serious high-speed gaming.


  • Exceptional visual results
  • 1ms response time, from an IPS panel
  • The fast refresh rate of
  • The low input lag
  • The highly flexible stand
  • The subtle use of RGB


  • A bit too much
  • The housing could use a little more flair