SoundMagic TWS50 Review

SoundMagic TWS50 Review

The SoundMAGIC TWS50 is the next logical step in the evolution of a reach of an audio brand. With its highly accessible, E11C-of-in-the-ear headphones, the SoundMAGIC it became a best-seller and critical acclaim, and has made these headphones with a wireless E11BT also be accessible to your neck the buttons. The company may be parked in the ’11’ in the series so far, but I’m sure he will – these are designed to keep the E11 on a legacy of delivering highly acceptable sound and of the highest quality at a price that’s going to make some of the manufacturers are competitors, even though. This is the SoundMagic TWS50 Review.

SoundMagic TWS50 of the Review of the Project

SoundMAGIC has a tick in all the boxes, with the design of the TWS50 headphones. First of all, they’re discreet and you don’t want that in the real wireless in-ears, they seem to have left a gap in the Enterprise – and the TWS50 is a small, light-weight, making it easier for you to achieve a fit that is comfortable for you. The choice of small, medium, and large ear plugs in the package also helps to achieve a good fit. The touch controls on each ear cup is small, but it’s simple enough to find and use.

In the case of a transfer, containing about 24 hours of power, enough to charge the TWS50s four times), it’s kind of a circular button with a rotating lid to reveal the plugs for the ear, or the super-retro and the digital display will show the remaining power. Neither the case or the plugs themselves, and feel nothing special about them, they are light (45g in this case, the only 4g each, and the top is made from the opening of hard, shiny plastic. But you want to feel safe and secure, and their relative lack of exuberance, it’s just not consistent with the price.


In spite of being one of the most discreet, wireless, real projects, SoundMAGIC has found room for a 6mm thick neodymium full-range driver in each earpiece. The TWS50s it also has an IPX7 rating, so it becomes wet for a short period of time, it should not be a concern, and there is a choice of silicone tips in the package, for a pleasant and comfortable stay should be safe and secure.

Wireless connectivity is via Bluetooth, a 5.0, which is more than enough for you to enjoy from some of the high-resolution audio, for example, that of the TIDES, or Amazon’s Music STREAMING. The touch controls can be used to answer or reject calls and to control playback. If it is a bit tiring, and practical, the SoundMAGICs are compatible with all Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa.

SoundMagic TWS50 an Analysis of the Performance of

The TWS50s link-quickly and free of drama in my Galaxy-S-10-Plus, and with a bit of a Master file of Tame Impala Missed Yesterday’s stream, almost everything that you do SoundMAGIC‘I E11 models and a lot of fun to listen to, and value, it’s right here. They are a fairly open, spacious, to the listener, which is able to create a stable and well-defined sound image. The display is big enough, and it’s all the more pleasing crescendo of the song, takes you to a place of his own.

The integration of each element, it is, however, to be useful, and it has a strong overall consistency. A less than the ear designs might be present in the music as a collection of individual events, but the TWS50 you to organize all the songs as well. On the bottom, although it may not be the most memorable you’ve ever heard, it’s deep and well structured, with enough detail to reveal even small differences in tone. At the opposite end of the range, it is often just this little bit, which makes sense if you are listening to low bit rate streams, but it’s just a little bit gritty when you play it a few full Hi-Res files.

As well as the TWS50s you can, in a convincing way, and to match the individual instrumental elements in the recording, they are able to move smoothly to the top of the frequency range to the bottom. In addition to that the slight sweetness of the high tones, there is nothing exaggerated or minimized. The SoundMAGICs also, I don’t have a problem with the glowing harmony with the dynamic of Anna Meredith’s ‘Nautilus’. The difference between the blow of the bass and its electronic currents, that is, of course, and the amount of detail that is taken to mean that there are subtleties between all of the sterling.

However, the overall dynamic of a song that shows a slight lack of TWS50 space, they are able to make the distance from the ridiculous to the levels of the recording, and the short moments of mercy are just as high as it should be.


It’s not perfect, but it’s much better than just competent, and the TWS50 that is exactly what you’d expect from SoundMAGIC. It is not the most affordable option in the given list, it turns out to be a bit of a deal, but it is certainly the case here. They offer a great, spacious studio apartment, with an excellent and well-balanced presentation along with a significant battery life and a comfortable fit – in a nutshell, if you’re looking for some cheap AirPod alternative to the SoundMAGIC TWS50 is worth a look.

The Best Wireless Headphones To Buy

Nine The Total Score

SoundMAGIC you work your magic on a real wireless in-ear earbud, and it touches the price/performance ratio of the process, with a light, comfortable design, great sound, and supports Bluetooth, 5.0.


  • It is compact and comfortable design
  • Open, clear and detailed sound
  • – Decent battery life


  • A little bit inhibited dynamics
  • The rivals last longer
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