Razer Kraken Review

In the market for a set of headphones are becoming very popular. In the current year, we have seen major releases from SteelSeries, and the HyperX, which have practically dominated the market when it comes to high quality headphones. But there is, in addition, the different companies that offer the top-quality option to the market, along with Razer, who have recently released an upgraded version of the Razer Kraken. But, is the Razer Kraken gaming headset is worth buying? This is the Razer Kraken Review.

Razer Kraken-Review-Of-Design

The Razer Kraken is available in green, black, quartz, and we’re looking back on the model in green is made for pro gamers, due to its clear vision. The headset has a large and bulky design with a retractable microphone in the left earcup. We like that the microphone is retractable, which means you don’t have to have a separate microphone associated with the camera. As would be expected from a gaming headset, the Razer Kraken has the many to fill the inside of the headphones, and from the bottom of the head, and runs, later, in the comfort level of the headphones.

The construction of the high-quality of the headphones seems to be quite good for headphones on this value vary. The entire assembly is made from a metallic, and may be in addition to, a substantial amount of plastic, we do not mean that he felt that the headset was going to break down, as well as when it was folded up it is natural. In the box you get the headset itself, and an audio splitter for the particular person, the audio input and output channels. That’s about all the stuff that you get – even though I don’t think that you needed much, much more.


As I have said, the all-new – Support The Kraken headphones have got enough to fill the inside of the ear cups and under the head, however, it is only by including the fill-in isn’t necessarily adequate to make the headset comfortable for you. The Kraken is a bit heavy, and the headphones can not turn it in any direction, so you might end up with a badly lopsided the match, which is based on the form of the head. Also we have found that the Razer Kraken headset, it was comfortable, especially to put on for a very long time, regardless of the considerably clunky game play.

Razer Kraken-Review-Of-Sound

An important factor to be taken into account for the long-term, it’s like the all-new Razer Kraken headset in the sounds and that it sounds good, it leaves a little to be desired. Let’s start with the bass response of the headphones, which is pretty good. With a little more bass extension would have been a good thing; however, we usually think of things such as explosions and the sound is excellent and comprehensive, as in the song, the kick drum had been tightened and it is highly effective.

It is the mid-range, where your problems will begin to take place. In the lower mid-tones are very powerful and provide some of the warm up; however, the high mid-tones seem to have gotten a little bit of a reduction, making the overall sound experience is a bit muddy. The high end is present, however, once again, it’s probably not good enough. Not only would it not have been nice to get a little more high-end extension, but it’s a little bit more of the highlights will generally be, without a doubt, helped with the in-ear headphones.

That said however, the sound is pretty decent. It is, of course, they’re not so good at it, but if you’d like to have a headphone jack which is relatively inexpensive, then the new Razer Kraken headset, it is without a doubt a reliable choice.

The microphone

The microphone new, Razer Kraken is ok, but nothing amazing. It will be marketed in a respectable light and audio to your friends and different gamers, avid, however, does not automatically mean that you can use it to store the issues as a podcast, or a video recording. Even so, for many of the games, and we hope that the mic will probably be more than enough.

Razer Kraken Review Conclusion

The newest model of the Razer Kraken has a lot to offer. The headphones are very well designed, compared to the comfortable and the sound is respectable, though with a couple of fun facts. But they are still one of the best in-ear earphones at the same price? Well, they’re one of the very best; however, it’s not the HyperX Cloud Logo the headphone jack, which we think of yourself as the best option for you, and are so much cheaper than the Razer Kraken headphones. Even so, the Razer Kraken headphones are for the price, considering that you will should prefer to to the the design and the quality of the sound.

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7.5 The Total Score

The new Kraken is a great value and give you the best possible sound from what you would expect.


  • Decent price
  • The sound the sound
  • Comfortable to wear and fit
  • The simple-to-use


  • The strong dependence of the low –
  • It feels a bit cheap
  • The light on the resources