Mixcder E9 Wireless Review

Mixcder E9 Wireless Review

Noise-canceling headphones are becoming more and more common; however, the majority of them are, however, comparatively expensive. However, Mixcder reversed this pattern, and bringing the Mixcder E9 over-the-ear-noise-canceling headphones. The Mixcder E9-ear earphones offer a sleek, modern and noise-cancellation for as little as us $60, however, they have to sacrifice too much to meet the punishment be? Let’s find out in our Mixcder E9 Wireless Review.

Mixcder E9, Wireless Review Of The Project

In spite of the low price, the Mixcder E9 headphones, it has a very modern design, and they seem to be fairly properly-built, not the least of which is for headphones on this worth vary. The earphones have a design in black and is reasonably refined, by means of its overall look and feel. It is not necessarily a factor to be unpleasant, however, it’s one thing to be watchful. On the left earcup, you’ll see a noise-canceling button, and an auxiliary port. In contrast, the right ear piece is the place where you will see all of the most part, along with controls for power, volume controls and a MicroUSB port for charging.

As we alluded to earlier, the build quality is pretty good for headphones on this worth vary, however, this is not to say that it is beautiful. The headphones are made mainly of plastic and feels a little kinder than you were. Nevertheless, we believe that they will need to be given the option to stand up to lots of abuse you can throw at them – plus they come with a carrying case. In addition to the headphones, and in the case of shipping, you additionally get a Micro-usb charging cable, an aux cable and a flight adapter. This is a good set of equipment, and you can predict all you want.


At the top of the Mixcder E9-ear earphones are relatively comfortable, but they don’t seem to be an excellent one. We found that there was not enough filling in all of the headphones, but the clip on the headset it was a little difficult. It is to be expected for headphones with noise-cancelling; however, it is one thing to find out. After some time using the headphones, you’re going to get used to the new design, and we’ve noticed that a couple of hours of listening, it was pretty awesome.

Mixcder E9 Wireless, Review Sound

When you make your budget for the headphones, the majority of companies will sacrifice the quality of the sound. While the Mixcder E9 earphones) – ear, does not sound that bad, it leaves a little to be desired, especially for the many who are in need of a bit of pleasure from his music. That said, they’re not bad for the price. Let’s start with the bottom, which is usually fairly efficient, and robust. The kick drums are heavy and distinct, while the bass guitars are clean and scratch-resistant. The in-ear headphones are on the bass, either – but she sounds fairly clean.

In the low-mid tone is warm and thick, and so, they ultimately sound a bit muddy. However, it is also due in part to the small shortage of the excess of the average, and that the influence of the reduction of the vocals and the guitars. The treble could use a bit of work on these headphones. There is very little definition and clarity with these headphones, which contributes to the top layer of dull listening experience. Again, it’s not terrible, but certainly nothing to write home.

This is a constant when it comes to noise cancellation. The noise cancelling here, it’s good, and it’s going to block some of the noise from the engines of the aircraft, and the hustle and bustle of the city; however, it is not to purchase these headphones at the Bose of the ANC.

Mixcder E9 Wireless Review


The Mixcder E9 earphones) – ear to join the audition and the machine via Bluetooth 4.0, to a considerable extent, which is the model of the Bluetooth device. That said, we found out that they made a reasonably good connection, and not ignored or covered up during the play. You are entitled to up to 10 meters, or 33 feet, from listening, from a distance. The Mixcder E9 headphone jack, you will have a battery life of about 24 hours, with a noise-canceling, or up to 30 hours with noise cancelling turned off. It just isn’t worth the life expectancy of the battery, which is great news.

Mixcder E9 Wifi Review Conclusion

The Mixcder E9 earphones provide decent quality for a reasonably low worth, and we are ultimately favored due to its excellent design and a luxurious look, this high price tag. But is there a better choice? Well, that’s about the price of this, it is not likely to happen. It is, of course, if you are willing to spend, you can go for the Sony T-1000XM3 the headset for $350. For a budget option, and the Mixcder E90 is just about the best in ear headphones to go into.

The Best In Ear Headphones Noise Cancelling

7.5 The Total Score

The Mixcder E9, wireless Active Noise Cancelling headphone is a perfectly respectable headset for the price. They do not stand out in terms of superior sound quality or comfort, but they are good enough for the price.


  • The good life of the battery
  • The Active noise-cancellation work very well
  • Cheap


  • Without inspiration, the quality of the sound
  • Boring design