Logitech MX Vertical Review

Logitech has been in a fair way, in a concrete way, as it is the best mouse in the designer, with a wide variety of devices that are a cut above the competition. The Logitech MX’s Portrait shot on top of it, except with more of an emphasis on ease of use. It can’t, it’s all in the name. The MX Vertical, combining the verticality, versatility, and comfort, to create a mouse that’s designed for productivity. But it does have a few quirks that make it more and more difficult to use than a standard mouse, and a design that makes it a lot less portable. This is the The Logitech MX-Vertical Review.

The Logitech MX is the Vertical Page Design

The MX is a Vertical design that looks similar to a cresting wave with a curve convex to the-side of the palm, and a deep curve on the side of the thumb. While a lot of mice have these curves, the MX, the Vertical, has predicted a vertical direction. A little bit crumbly base, giving it the appearance of a chocolate bar from the front and from the back, being more wedge-shaped profile.

All of these ways, it may not seem like a very user-friendly, but they all combine to create a mouse that feels incredibly natural to hold. Without the knowledge of the traditional mice, Logitech has opted for a natural grip of the hand, so that you don’t have to stretch your hand too much to hold on to it. If you do something like rock-climbing, and it results in a lot of the tension in his forearm, and the difference between using the MX record to the Vertical, and a common mouse will be easy for you to see. We like to keep it, and our hands feel relaxed all the time, you can use it without any extra tension on our arms.

For the price, and the materials seem to be a simple one. It is made up of hard plastic base with ribbed rubber for your thumb and the palm of the hand. The ribs seem odd at first glance, but they are also strangely soothing. There are two thumb buttons on the left-hand side, the two split up buttons in the mouse over to the right-hand side, where the o-ring and the other fingers are, of course, sit back, and a ribbed and serrated wheel. The mouse comes with a plate of metal (though, perhaps, still in the plastic), which is a DPI switch in the button is also fitted.

At the front of the mouse there is a USB-C port, to recharge its internal battery, or to use the mouse, via a wired connection. However, the dock connector to USB cable-C cord is more rigid and is better able to grip than we’d like with a cord of the mouse. Fortunately, the MX Vertical, that is, primarily, a mouse, a wireless, Bluetooth-enabled, and connected through a Logitech Unifying receiver. A button at the bottom allows you to switch between up to three different wireless connections to quickly.

While many of the peripheral devices of Logitech, it has a slot to store the receiver when not in use, the smtp client must be Vertical, it is annoyingly unable to provide the space. The MX is Vertical, it takes some time to get used to it. It is not immediately apparent is that the MX Vertical, you have to stay a little to the left so that the thumb and all the fingers are not parallel to the arm. But, then, that the obstacle is a non-intuitive design, we are able to find the big travel-unfriendly way, and in the absence of a receipt of a slot as a drawback in the design.


The performance of the wireless connection to the Unifying receiver is a sight to behold. We did not experience any interruptions to or delays in, and it seems to be a very high level of performance. To switch between the different types of links, too fast. You can set it up to connect to the laptop via the Bluetooth receiver and then plug it into the USB port. The USB overrides the wireless connection, but when connecting to the unified messaging server of the receiver’s power is switched off, it can be a one-time effect. We have tried to turn off the mouse while it was moving, and it kept moving around all the time with no problems.

To switch the Bluetooth on our computer is a little slow, but it can make your laptop the wrong that the phone recognizes the Bluetooth in the entry much faster. Bluetooth it feels so much worse than that of the receiver of the call because it appears that the rate at which the pool is smaller, the movement of the cursor, which is not so smooth.

The Logitech MX-Vertical Review: Performance

The smtp client must be Vertical, doesn’t have the crazy specs that you would expect from a gaming mouse, but it seems accurate enough to be productive. With a DPI range of 400 to 4000 DPI and you should be able to find a setting that works for you, if you are using a 720p monitor, or a 4K. While we initially struggled to keep the mouse in the right place, we have tested the performance of physical problem. Since the buttons on the mouse are on the sides, they are pushed to the side.

A typical mouse has a table underneath it to absorb the force of the push of a button, but the Logitech MX Vertical, you only have one thumb to stand up to it. If you have the MX, the Vertical lightly in your hand, you can see that pressing the buttons results in a slight push of the mouse cursor. This is especially true for the middle button of the mouse, you will need a more substantial pressure drop.

For the game, with a high degree of accuracy, this is a choice that is wrong. During the work, which takes the movement of the cursor may be a result in clicking on the wrong part of the screen, or you do not select an entire line of text. It’s easy enough to fix with the right amount of grip, but that negates the whole point of this vertical mouse is designed to take the strain off of your neck. If you have a light grip (you may use the tips of the fingers, and the release of its palm-full), this may be the wrong choice. For those who have a firm grip on, the view is much better.

It also gets excellent battery life. Logitech it states that the MX Vertical, and lasts for up to four months on a single battery charge. You can, of course, also use it as a wired mouse by plugging the USB Type a-Type C cable for charging.

Pricing and Availability

For $ 99, or $ 92 (about US$135), the smtp client must be Vertical, it is not cheap, especially when you consider how many of the mouse of your computer, it can be kept to less than a third of the price. The $99 ($99,$149) and Logitech’s MX Master 2 scored top marks in our review, and it’s easy enough to find at a discounted price, well under-priced. We are also one of the fans of the MX record in any of the part 2, which was followed up by a $79 (us $ 79, US$99), AND the MX record is in any place 2.

The Logitech MX-Vertical Review

Thus, even with Logitech’s offerings, the MX Vertical, you have to prove yourself. And it also provides an ergonomic one that the other doesn’t, the experience of using the mouse, hold it back just enough to keep him after his brothers and sisters.

The Logitech MX is Vertical to the Review: the Conclusion

If you want to work with a mouse, and you have pain in your leg, arm, or wrist, the MX is Vertical, can provide a more comfortable crossing. We feel very relaxed in the hands when using it, except when you need to keep the cursor in the most difficult way to prevent it from moving when you click. As far as we’re concerned, this is the superior ergonomics of the mouse.

But the majority does not make it the best option for those people who are often on the move. And the price is hard and clicking behavior doesn’t help it to compete more effectively with more accurate many. The players, above all else, you can immediately rule this one out. For a gaming mouse, then check out our list of the Best Gaming Mouse

Seven The Total Score

The Logitech MX is the Vertical Mouse, it has a few design problems, and problems with the software, but it is one of the best fully-fledged mice in the ergonomics of the space.


  • A better implementation of the “vertical mouse” is a concept that is still
  • Software for the creation of the
  • The texture thumb rest


  • A potentially uncomfortable design
  • Dear