Klipsch T5 True Wireless Review

True of the wireless headphones have come a long way to go. Today, there are a number of options that are excellent for the majority of the people, but to those who love audio, there’s only a handful of the actual wireless headphones that excel in sound. Now with the Klipsch T5 Genuine Wireless headphones can add to this list, thanks to its outstanding sound quality and long battery life. Sure, the Klipsch T5 is still expensive at $199, but stacked up against the best of the genuine wireless earbuds, the Klipsch booth of their own. This is the Klipsch T5, The Wireless Real Review.

Since the Klipsch T5s have been released at the startfor 2021 at the latest, the brand has announced a new pair of ear plugs, without cord true, the Klipsch T10 to create the AI, gesture controls, and active noise cancellation, and costs an eye-watering $649.

Klipsch T5-Wireless-True-Review, Design

The first thing you notice about the Klipsch T5, True Wireless is in the aluminum box of the load is in the form of a Zippo lighter. It is not a coincidence, because that’s exactly what the designers were going for. If you have to bend the top part of the case, you will be greeted with a set of headphones, which are turned upside down with the magnets to prevent a drop from falling accidentally. In case, you feel incredibly strong in your hand, and it’s addictive only in order to open and close the top.

It’s a shame Klipsch didn’t bring a pencil case to protect the beautiful finish of brushed, and waiting for the event to take the twists and scrapes from time to time. In terms of features, the loading case and is fitted with a USB-C charging, fast three of the white LEDs, which show the capability of the case. The headphones themselves are no less impressive than that for the loading case with a large plug in the ear, a sound, a long tube, and by pressing a single button on each cap of the ear.

As a result, a set of headphones into the deep on the ear, which is great for passive sound isolation, which is great, but some of them might be uncomfortable with. Klipsch it only contains small, medium and large tips in the case, in order to find the optimum settings is difficult. One of the reasons why we’ve got the tips for how fragile they are as follows: One of the ear plugs broke off in the headphone jack, so we had to take it out with sharp tweezers. We expect Klipsch to re-create the ear plugs without the little plastic clip that you can quickly get stuck in the headphone jack.

Klipsch T5, The Wireless Real-Review Performance

The Klipsch T5, the Wireless Real features of the distinctive Klipsch sound, which is warm, detailed, and never harsh. This doesn’t mean that the Klipsch is a neutral, but they are closer to neutral than the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless, so when it comes down to. The Mids, where you will find the Klipsch shine through, making the vocals shine through as the music, the acoustics; the benefits mean they are lush and detailed. The detail also extends to the top, allowing the headphones to sing into the higher registers without being harsh.

The sound is good, but it’s not innovative, because the song has such a good sense of width and / or height. It is not the open-back headphones, the quality is amazing for the form factor. The imagery is also superb, allowing the individual instruments to be located with precision.

The Service Life Of The Battery

The battery life is around 8 hours per charge, with a 24-hour extension of the event. When the test is in playing music, the volume is 50%, then to 7 hours for a load that was to be found, and in the case of three charges further, there is no problem. These are the plugs for the ear which can last for an entire flight from New York to San Francisco. In terms of the stability of the internet, Klipsch is great, with an excellent long-range accuracy. In our few weeks of testing, we have only noticed some noise from the failures.


They are not cheap, but the T5 is on the top of the line, the actual wireless headsets such as the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless, the True, and the Master & Dynamic-MW07. For a third-party least-cost, the T5 has better sound than MW07, and a better battery life than the competition. As for the Sennheisers, remain a winner in the sound quality of the Klipsch, T5 is very near. Looking for more options? Check out our list of the Best Wireless Headphones Genuine

Nine The Total Score

The Klipsch T5, True Wireless provides you the leader in its class for true wireless headphones, like the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless, Real a run for their money.


  • Amazing build quality
  • The warm, detailed sound
  • An excellent life of the battery


  • No protective case
  • No aptx, HD, or LDAC support