JLab Audio JBuds Air Sport Review

JLab Audio has been the case among the most excellent true wireless, headphones, for what it’s worth it for a number of years, and the company is back again with another couple. At this time, it is with your headphones, even the most reasonable of the JLab Audio-JBuds-Air Sport, which has a wonderful $69. But at a low price, you are going to assume that there will be a minimum of a number of concerns. Could it be that the headphone jack will work in the long run? This is the JLab Audio-JBuds-Air-Sport-Review.

JLab Audio-JBuds-Air-Sport-Review-Of-Design

The very first thing that you have to find out about JLab Audio-JBuds-Air Sport, is the design, and they are not in the ad, looking for headphones. They seem JLab Audio-headphones, even though they are a little bit more of the ball, and never as thick as the different the actual wireless is tops in the business. How are you going to predict the in-ear headphones have the JLab Audio brand. However, it is all about: it’s the headphones, it does not have any buttons on it. In spite of this, the brand acts as a gentle contact for the space, and also you can use these controls to manage your audio files.

In the field, in addition to this it comes with the loading of the cassette – which is a relatively small and mobile. How different, JLab Audio, loading cases, the enclosure has a USB cable in the lower part of which was built on the case – which means that you don’t have to have it in mind to take your cable with you. To the contrary, the load is different from the circumstances of the case, and it does not have a built-in USB port, so you can use it for the cost of the different units. You can even get a full-of-4-pairs-of-headphones-in-ear on the field of play.

The JLab Audio JBuds-Air Sport in ear headphones look good, and are relatively mobile. The loading of the cassette that should match properly in your pocket or purse, which is a good thing.


JLab Audio has been in the making for a great comfortable fit with the earphones on for a very long time, and the JLab Audio-JBuds-Air, the Sport is not an exception. This is largely due to the ear hooks that are easy to use and to keep the headphones securely in your ears. The ear hooks of the headphones, they don’t necessarily have to penetrate deeply into your ear canals, such as the different true of a wireless headset you can get.

JLab Audio-JBuds-Air-Sport-Review-Of-Sound

At this point, we pretty much anticipated the JLab Audio-headphones, good sound, and these headphones do the usual. Of course, they are not the perfect sound for headphones, of all-time. However, for headphones on this value vary, but they are not far away. To start with, the headsets offer excellent bass output, which is great news for people who like more oomph. It is for this reason that these are likely to be good, the headphones for sports activities use, for example.

The path is fairly set in; however, it seems to be a desire to lower a half-tone higher mid tone. This is not a factor in the unpleasant – there are a variety of heat to the back of the right here, and this is considering that of the vocals, and the guitar is not to minimize substantially up to a combination so simple, they are not, however, compared to the current one. The highlights are more likely to undergo probably the most in here. There is the absolute highlight here, however, is a bit more of an understanding, and an element within the excessive finish, it may have been useful to you. Even so, the sound is usually fairly good for headphones on this value vary.


The headset connects to your listening gadget with Bluetooth technology, a 5, and you will also receive a listening distance of about 10 meters, or 33 feet. We have found that they generally had a pretty good connection, even though there have been occasions when the in-ear headphones and ignored for a bit. The battery time of the execution of the earphones could have been better, as they have for the last 6 hours on a single battery charge. In the case of the battery pack in the headphones provides up to 34 hours of listening time – that brings out all of the time, to listen, to 40 hours. This is just as good.

JLab Audio-JBuds-Air-Sport-Review-Of-Completion

No surprises here — JLab Audio has done it on headphones it may be worth there price tag. Of course, they are not the perfect sound from the headphones, there is, in fact, they are, nevertheless, adequately designed, and very comfortable. In fact, due to the great low price range, the earphones are quite simply the perfect sport-oriented, a true wireless headset is worth the money.

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7.5 The Total Score

The JLab JBuds the Sport is the Sport that is the version that is on the board of the company in ear Headphones. The ear hooks are flexible, but will hold its shape for a stable fit.


  • IP66
  • Comprehensive controls for one-touch
  • The case is integrated with a charging cable
  • Fast charging
  • The isolation and become Aware of the way
  • Bluetooth, 5.0, Grade 1