Jaybird Tarah Pro Review

Jaybird Tarah Pro Review

Worthy of of sports headphones, they are hard to come by. Sure, there are lots of models out there. You’ll most likely find numerous headsets, which is billed as sports headphones, but they are not entirely comfortable to stay in your ears while exercising, or listening to music. Jaybird, however, it has a pretty decent track record with sports-ear headphones, with models such as the Jaybird X 3 in ear headphones. Now the company is back with another pair of the Jaybird Tarah For. This is the Jaybird Tarah Pro Review.

Jaybird Tarah Pro Review-Design

Design of the Jaybird Tarah Pro headset is, in some respects, comparable to that of the other Jaybird earphones, but with only a few adjustments. The headphones themselves are quite decent, with a Jaybird and the emblem on the lid, together with in place – so you’ll probably have a set of headphones around her neck, and when you’re not using it, you can take it as a collective. Instead of the traditional earbuds and in-ear-wings, Jaybird can accommodate a total of three pairs of ear-tip to wing-tips to the combination, which is a nice touch.

This means that you can’t use the headset without the sport wing, however, is that these are sports headphones and you also want to make sure that they stay in your ears, don’t you think that there are a lot of people that you will need to try them on without the ear-wings. By the middle of the right-hand side of the cable, one remote control with three buttons, along with volume controls and a push-button control. In addition to the headphones, the headphones seem to be well build and will stand up against any abuse.

The cable that wraps around your neck is constructed from braided nylon, making it nice and sturdy. The plastic used on the headphone jack, in addition to this, it seems to be of good quality and durable, which is all the time useful. As you would count on from a sports headset, the Jaybird Tarah Pro in-ear earphones are water-resistant with an IPX7 rating. You probably shouldn’t take it with you to the pool; however, in the event you get caught within the rain, or sweat, they will most certainly survive.

In the box you’ll find three earphones, a charging dock to charge the headset, and a clip to attach the earphones to your clothes. There may be a case in which the time-it’s all good to see.


Sports earphones should be comfortable for a variety of reasons. To begin with, nothing is going to ruin your exercise, more so than the problems with the headphones, so that you don’t need to have them to fall down or be uncomfortable if they are in your ears. Luckily, the Jaybird Tarah Pro headphones to do that effectively, in the situation that they are comfortable for extended listening, and is going to stay in your ears even if you have to train a little bit harder.

Jaybird Tarah Pro Review Sound

Finally, after all that, a big factor is the fact that you think about what the headphones sound like, the Jaybird Tarah Pro headphones, the sound is pleasant. This is, in part, because you can change the frequency response of the headphones, with the assistance of the Jaybird app. This means that, in the event you, like many low or an intensive high-end, you’re going to get it. Let’s start with the bass, which is spicy and robust, and is based on the amount of bass that you have in the EQ.

With the bass improve, and you will have a pleasant and thick bass response, and with a lot of kick on the bass drums and a steady bass tone, the guitars and synths. In the middle are cleverly combined. The low end is great, and hot, while the high-mids could take the vocals and guitars, the proper, through a combination of the two. The treble is prominent and well-detailed; however, as is often the case with in-ear headphones, they are perhaps not as clear-cut as in some of the over-ear headphones.

Jaybird Tarah Pro Review

Also, think about it for only a few sports headphones with this price tag, we love the amount of clarity that we have. There are a few issues that you can change within the app. For example, we don’t get an excessive amount of distortion, especially within an accessible listening to the intervals, and found that, even though it may not be the best, and the sound was pretty decent. A set of headphones that are also superb at blocking outside noise.


The Jaybird Tarah Pro to get the headphones connected to your music device via Bluetooth, 5.0, and has a battery life of 14 hours, which is plenty bright. Many in-ear sports headphones have a battery life of around 8-10 hours, so 14 hours is a major step forward. Bluetooth-5.0-connectivity is a nice touch as well. You will need to use a computer or a phone that supports Bluetooth, 5.0, and you will have a wider range, and improved connectivity. We do not have encountered any problems with the connection.

Jaybird Tarah Pro Review Conclusion

The Jaybird Tarah Pro headphones are a worthy successor to the original sports in ear headphones the Jaybird. So, it’s a lot, so we hope that it is one of the best sports headphones that you should buy it. They are cleverly designed, comfortable, has great battery life, and also the sound is fairly good. But, what if you don’t have $160 to spend on a sports earpiece? Well, if that’s the case, we would suggest headphones, as well as the JBL Reflect on the Mini 2, which costs $100. However, in the event you can afford to pay for the Jaybird Tarah Pro in-ear earphones, we are positively suggest it to them, they are one of the best sports headphones out there.

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9.5 The Total Score

Jaybird is on a winning streak with a first-of-its premium ‘Pro’ range-of-wireless-sport-headphones-in-ear. The Jaybird Tarah Pro in-ear earphones don’t come cheap, but to go all the way down to the kind of durability and quality of materials required for the same training intensity or weather conditions.


  • The touch of rope-cable
  • The three-point connector for charging
  • Jaybird is an app which is easy-to-use
  • The great life of the Battery


  • Fiddly the tips of the ears
  • The AI would be more accurate