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Join us for the FINAL battle for the kingdom-the rule of the Game of War-Fire Age! PLAY FOR FREE in the most addicting interactive MMO GAME!

– Play and chat with millions of online players from around the world in 32 different languages – all in real-time.
– To be a part of a global alliance where you can make friends, team up with the other members of the alliance, and to become the almighty king!
Train massive armies to lead into action-packed battles, and watch battles in real-time on the stunning world map.
– Attack and conquer the wonder to become the king. You must Use your power to give titles to all of your friends and enemies in the kingdom!
– Talk and strategize with your alliance and friends in Chat – Alliance Chat, 1-on-1 Chat, or Chat with the entire world.
– Collaborate and join Forces with your friends and talk, and talk and burn your enemies!
– Forge alliances, and diplomatic reasons for the defeat of all the enemies and become the MOST POWERFUL Alliance in the Kingdom!
– Build and customize your empire – Upgrade buildings, walls or weapons to strengthen your empire.
– Train, level-up, and covers your life to Create legendary weapons, and to place them with powerful gems to stay ahead of your competitors!

“I’ve found it’s a Game of War-Fire Age more eye-catching than the best analogue Clash of Clans” – NY Times

5/5 “I love games of strategic role-playing game such as this one. I started Clash Of Clans and I was wondering if there was anything similar, and I found the Game Of War. It’s easy to get started and it is addictive. “

5/5 stars – “This is the best MMO and game ever. I have played other MMO games but this one is the best one yet! You can fight other players and collect resources and build really cool buildings. If I had to rate this game it would be 10 stars. But there is a ten-star rating. ‘

5/5 “Best real-time strategy game I’ve ever played!”

5/5 “If you like games like Boom Beach, Clash of Clans or Zombies, I don’t think you’ll like it!”

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