Corsair Void RGB Elite Review

The Corsair Void RGB Elite gaming headset offers an intriguing proposition for those looking for a decent set of 7.1 surround sound headphones and a microphone for less than $ 100. Currently, there are enough options for those looking for cheap gaming headsets , but if you are looking for a reliable name, this Corsair set certainly has some tricks to interest you. This is our Corsair Void RGB Elite Review.

Launched with a USB version and surround sound, you want to make sure you’re looking for wireless audio, because Corsair seems to have divided its last track by function. The result is an honest audio experience for the price, but without the flexibility that some are guaranteed by Corsair’s premium offering.

Corsair Void RGB Elite Review – design

The first thing you’ll notice about the Corsair Void headset may not be the smooth matte finish or the huge headband width, and it will be the depth of these cups. If your head is a little bigger than most, you’ll be grateful to finally find a cheap headset, which is a little bit wider and leaves extra space for your ears to fit. That said, the design also includes those with a smaller or even average, a little cautious for extra space.

While large heads, at the same time, create an incredibly comfortable fit, with absolutely no threat of ear pressing during long sessions, they also leave a little space between the device and the head. The result is a somewhat unstable overall feel, without the comfortable clip snaps the cups in place. You won’t worry that they fly out of your head during a particularly dramatic movement, but there is still a feeling that they are a little bigger than necessary. A hook design that secures the cups to the headband keeps them securely in place, without sacrificing a little extra flexibility in form.

While this wide design may concern you with the stability of the Void headset, it certainly works wonders for comfort. With a set of heavily padded cups and an equally soft headband, this headset is for the long term. After a serious session of The Witcher 3, I was barely aware of the cups that covered my ears, and the touch of a tight headband over the crown was nowhere to be seen.


Some considerations were made in the last episode of the Void Elite headphones. By purchasing a set of 7.1 wireless surround sound cans at an incredible price, you sacrifice some of the functional flexibility that others can take for granted in smaller sets. If the box says wireless, it means yes. There are no USB or 3.5mm connections available here, so you are limited to PC and PS4 use only.

That said, these headsets are built with a 50mm neodymium driver for maximum power and promise high quality audio. They are also provided with an advertised 16-hour battery. We found this level of juice to be reasonable, with the headset surviving several long periods before being recharged.

The specs on these cans offer an incredibly comprehensive audio experience that, while getting a little crowded during higher action scenes, offers incredible perspective at such a low price. These technical benefits work in conjunction with a comfortable design at first and a highly sensitive microphone to place a good set of cans in a great collection of gaming headphones.

In addition, this 7.1 surround sound (PC only) is no reason to sniff, and with a quick double press of a button on the right side of the headphones, it’s easy to activate this feature in the game. It is a pity that this action does not cause a low tone or a flash of light to let you know its mode, as there is little feedback to determine whether 7.1 is activated or not quickly. However, you can disable this option in the iCue software – a comprehensive program that offers equalization presets and RGB settings at the touch of a button.

Corsair Void RGB Elite Review – performance

In general, the Corsair Void Elite gaming headset offers high quality audio for your money. A quick test on Journey revealed how powerful this headset could be with a clear sound landscape at its disposal, especially one that enjoys a higher range. Every day, without a doubt, listeners will be more than happy with the sound you hear pumping in these cans, but if you are used to playing with a more lively and action-packed soundscape, it is a good idea to play with the EQ whenever possible .

These headphones thrive in the midtone. This means that you get a slower, rounder sound profile during quieter scenes – footsteps creaking through the tall grass of Horizon Zero Dawn or the sound of monsters lurking in Raccoon City. Corsair Void Elite headphones offer fantastic audio quality at these times, with a full tone that is much more expensive than cans and precision 7.1 surround spatial accuracy that thrives in clear conditions.

In more significant situations of the soundscape, the audio can seem confusing and, especially with 7.1 surround sound enabled, it can often appear that different tracks and sounds are competing aggressively for your attention, rather than being in harmony. The result is a reasonable mid-range, with moderately weak bass tones that cannot interrupt scenes with a high octane number. That said, for the price you pay, you will have trouble finding the same overall audio quality on many other headphones on the market today. The dialogue never seemed minuscule, and the balance between the highest and lowest frequencies was generally well-matched, in addition to particularly heavy scenes.

This 7.1 surround sound is a feature that we were particularly interested in testing on headphones well under $ 100. Previously generally considered a premium feature, we see cheaper headphones with 7.1 surround sound in its standard offering. Buying a wireless headset with this feature for such a low price is a proposition worth considering.

In practice, you will only find 7.1 surround sound on the PC, but this is a consideration that many headphones make. In a test with Interrogation, an indie game built around directional audio, the Void RGB Elite stood firm. You will undoubtedly take the left and right positions. Although you will find much more superior directional sounds in more premium models (such as the Corsair Virtuoso headset we reviewed), the 7.1 in these cans certainly does not blur the background.

You’ll find good headphones on the Corsair Void RGB Elite, despite some problems at the busiest times. However, you use a great microphone attached to the left head. On Discord’s voice chat, the audio recording was incredibly accurate and even reasonable, with less ambient noise – a feature rarely noticed in this price range. In addition, lift the microphone and you will immediately disconnect the audio – a surprisingly useful feature if you want to join and leave online conversations.


Corsair Void Elite wireless headphones certainly have a lot to offer, and for as low as that, you want to hear their proposal. If you’re looking for a cheap headset, but don’t want to miss 7.1 surround sound and high-quality audio, it’s best to use these specific looks. Audiophiles will not be as impressed by a hazy mid-tone sound, but for the overall quality of reproduction, the reliable name of the brand is enough.

You also get an excellent microphone punch well over the price and a comfortable and comfortable design (although a little big for most) – of tin and bandana that lasts long and effortless reproduction sessions. If you are looking for a great set of wireless headsets with games worthy of heavy office, you will find an excellent collection of features and specifications on the Void Elite.

Corsair Void RGB Elite Score

8.5 Total score

The good certainly outweighs the bad in the Void RGB Elite USB, but it’s a pity that we haven’t found a good fit that would produce an audio response that sounds like Corsair clearly intended.

Corsair Void RGB Elite Pros and cons


  • Carbon finish looks great
  • You could land planes with this microphone
  • Exceptionally soft foam padding
  • Very breathable


  • Some mounting problems on smaller heads
  • Strange microphone mute button
  • The format of the headset is not the most suitable