Cleer Flow 2 Review

Cleer Flow 2 Review

For a long time, Cleer has been doing pretty good headphones for cheap, in cost that is similar to the single-Cleer Flow, the use of headphones, the one that you imagine comes out to a little bit of its value. Now, however, Cleer, is here with a sequel to the new Cleer in the Flow II in ear headphones. The headphone, on the basis of the original, or do you want to know more about him? This is the Cleer Stream 2 Review.

Cleer Stream 2 Of The Review Of The Project

The first thing that catches the attention of the Cleer-Flow II-ear headphones is their design, and they generally look very, very, very, very similar to the original Cleer Flow to the headphones. This is not necessarily a factor in the unpleasant the unique headphones sounded pretty good; however, it’s a little bit of sophistication, it would have been good for you, right here. The in-ear headphones can be found in two different colors, along with White and Metallic. A little more variation in colors would have been a good thing; however, it is the Employee aware that we have been discussing, it is not, however, seem to be excellent.

On the left earcup, you’ll notice only a few different controls together with an on/off switch, a noise-cancelling button and the Google button Wizard. The rest of the controls are touch based, mainly, on the phone to the left, and they are, however, pretty difficult to use. Do you want to make sure you have all the time tap on the glass of the ear in the right place to use them, and that can be a problem when you sporting the earphones in my ear.

There is a USB-C port on the proper headset, and we’re very happy to see you. The whole of the company, which also makes use of the Micro-usb is back in time, that is why it is good to Cleer was adopted, the most recent being the most common. The camp is home to a wide variety of equipment. You get a pleasant, painful to the hood to get a set of headphones in conjunction with a


The earbuds are a bit large; however, they do have a lot of padding, which makes it a relatively comfortable experience. In particular, there is the right amount to fill the inside of the head, which is necessary when a set of headphones that are a bit more heavy duty, such as this one. However, we are not in a position to put on the headphones for several hours without any major problems. They are supposed to serve you properly for many who need the use of headphones for those long journeys.

The sound

The most necessary factor to look at is, after all, is the sound of a high-quality, and that there is a space in the place Cleer it was highlighted with the single Stream to the headphones. The Cleer Streaming services are no different – they offer you an amount of clarity in the scope of the press section, and a generally well-adjusted in terms of frequency response. The bass response should be nearly as in-depth as some might wish. However, it is, nevertheless, a deep and sensitive person, and it gives you a number to punch to kick drums and bass guitar tone.

The bottom of the extension, should not be superficial, as we would like it to be favored; however most of them can be completely happy with the one that can be obtained from here. The track is reasonably set up correctly, and gives you the warmth of the lower mid-tones, and the quantity of the minimize inside the in excess of mid-tones. This will help you to reduce the vocals and the guitars properly through the mix. You may be one of the best factors about these headsets is in the small print, and clarity to shine through under the press section.

This is not to be the case, with the headphones in this value range. The noise cancellation on these headphones can be quite good. In fact, it is, in all likelihood, not identical, such as the Sony and the Bose. However, it is good to reduce almost all external noise.

Cleer Stream 2 Performance Review

The Cleer Stream-II headphones have a battery life of about 20 hours with noise cancelling enabled, and it’s pretty good. This means that the headphones must offer you with a full day of travel. The headset will also connect via Bluetooth, 5.0, and thanks to the built-in Qualcomm Bluetooth chip, they have to connect in all the right places. We have by no means skilled a lot and ignored while listening to these headphones.

Cleer Stream 2-Review Of Completed

The Cleer Stream-II headphones have a little bit of the food. They are a fairly properly designed, provide for a cushty match, and the sound is reasonably good. They are generally not a significant upgrade over the original Cleer Flow to the headphones. However, if you are looking for a great pair of noise-canceling headphones inside the value vary from less than us $250, these are a reliable choice. For the best noise-canceling headphones out there, however, it is a Sony T-1000XM3 the headphone jack, but apart from that, it also costs $100 more.

The Best NFC-enabled Headphones

Eight The Total Score

The Cleer in the Flow II is a new contender in the Bluetooth headset arena, offering powerful noise-canceling technology into a package of streamlined design.


  • Futuristic Design
  • Immersive, balanced audio
  • The excellent noise cancellation technology
  • A dedicated Google button Wizard
  • Helpful Environment, so
  • Long-lasting battery


  • A little out of place
  • Pampered touch
  • The call quality was lacking in outdoor environments