Alienware 510K Review

I spend most of my computer time on laptops; that’s just because I prefer these little technological miracles to rotten desktops. So it’s a rare opportunity that I use an honest to good gaming keyboard in mechanics. The feel of mechanical keyboards is both beautiful and disturbing to me. So when our friends at Alienware gave us a sample of their new flagship, the Alienware 510K Low Profile mechanical keyboard for review, how could I refuse? This is our Alienware 510K Review.

Alienware 510K Review – Features

The Alienware 510K is optimized, both in appearance and in technology. The functions are optimized for “best performance”, which means that low profile Cherry MX Red switches, RGB key lighting, programmable macros and ergonomic architecture with floating keys are present and central.

However, this does not mean that it is simplistic. The 510K deserves its credit with linear switching features (which guarantee smooth action) and less travel time, thanks to the keys that require little operational force. It also includes this valuable USB port for charging your devices or connecting the best gaming headsets, not to mention individual volume controls via a thick rubber roller.

Combine that with the spontaneous Alienware Command Center to adjust the 510K’s RGB display and programming, and you have a respectable package of pitches. And wait until you try.


When it comes to design and construction, the 510K goes in the opposite direction of the Alienware 610M mouse: built from ordinary plastic, the keyboard is relatively modest. Yes, it shares science fiction sensibilities with the Alienware Aurora R9, thanks to that burnt background. But otherwise it is not as difficult or expensive, as you would expect from a keyboard that costs so much.

Alienware 510K Review

This will not be to everyone’s taste. But for those who want a more subtle approach? It’s ideal An uncomplicated scale offers a sense of class and precise angles give it a futuristic look. The ribbed rubber scroller is an equally adorable touch, but it is very easy to miss. However, it is pleasantly heavy and adds substance to a lightweight design.

Alienware 510K Review – Performance

Complaints about the 510K’s appearance are freezing later in the day; if you start, the quality is evident. This is mainly due to the discreet Cherry MX Red switches. They have wonderfully animated resilience due to shorter travel time and low operating force, so your fingers can jump from key to key with minimal effort.

This is more than useful for snipers like Division 2, who demand quick responses when you’re running under cover or MMOs like World of Warcraft, where asset management under pressure is essential to defeating enemies or protecting your allies. It also results in an adequate flow, regardless of whether you distribute missions in DOTA 2 or organize pliers during the battles of Total War: Warhammer 2.

This capacity for a spicy response also contributes to daily tasks. It’s a pleasure to type, and I enjoyed using the 510K in our office. The quiet design means it is also a perfect modest companion for a work environment. This exceptional performance is what matters. And the USB transfer rate is also excellent, along with a sturdy braided cable that you can’t smell. But the simple act of playing or typing is where the value of a keyboard is determined. The 510K passes with flying colors.


You could argue that the Alienware 510K is a little expensive, but it works hard to justify these costs and probably does that too. It is a satisfactory use and is therefore worth considering, especially if you are thinking of building a complete Alienware installation. Although I recommend that you wait until the costs drop slightly, you will not be disappointed when using it. For more options, see our list of the 10 best gaming keyboards

Alienware 510K Score

9 Total score

It’s time to arm yourself with the Alienware 510K Gaming Keyboard, a low-profile mechanical RGB keyboard that offers the advantage of its virtual worlds, including an impressive alien aesthetic with moonlight colors and customizable features for extra input.

Alienware 510K Pros and Cons


  • Dual USB
  • The full RGB light of the keyboard
  • Roll volume adjustment