OnePlus 4: Latest Leaks, Rumors and Release Date

The OnePlus 3T is the company’s most popular product. It is a 5.5-inch smartphone with a Snapdragon 821 processor and 6GB of RAM. But despite the 3T living exposed only a few months ago, it was positively an iterative update quite than a full-blown new product. The new phone is supposed to be coming later this year – with many internet rumors already circulating of a OnePlus 4.

Improvement of the brand new OnePlus phone looks to be underway based on a tweet from Evan Blass. Blass has an impressive monitor document relating to new smartphones, and he lately tweeted a picture believed to be the home screen of the next OnePlus phone. Looking again at the release dates for previous OnePlus phones offers us an idea of when to expect from the OnePlus 4.

It’s unlikely OnePlus will be able to press out a phone in the next month, so we will probably expect it to drop in either June or July 2017. Just in time for some luxurious sun-soaked summer selfies. Price has made OnePlus the resolution it is. Living ready to offer less affluent customers the same specs as their iPhone-toting friends have received the Chinese model legions of followers.

OnePlus 4

OnePlus 4 will come at a low price tag as when compared to the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the iPhone 7. Smartphones have followed predictable upgrade cycles for a few years now, so predicting the innards of the OnePlus 4 isn’t too tough. In fact, a website has been arranging very devoted to the new telephone. Those behind OnePlus 4. The Internet declares to have been given detailed information on what’s under the new phone’s bonnet.

The smartphone is expected to come with 8GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 830 processor with the same 5.5-inch Full-HD display and 64GB of an onboard storage. In the meantime, the battery could be a large 4,000mAh power pack that helps the company’s much-publicised “Dash Charge” feature. The Dash Charge thought transplants much of the charging mojo from the phone itself to the adapter. That allows it to control temperature and energy flow.

The fast charging technology has remained a big deal for OnePlus over the last year, and we don’t expect any changes from the OnePlus 4. Other rumors are accurate to report about the phone as its proper unveiling moves alike. We’ll keep this article refreshed with all the recent OnePlus 4 news, so learn to keep checking again.

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