Zoom adds video games to its video calling service

Zoom adds video games to its video calling service

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  • Zoom Cloud Meetings was initially launched back in 2012 and operates as a proprietary video teleconferencing software program. The recent pandemic has forced companies such as Rockstar, PlayStation, and many others to turn to technology and online meetings in order to function as they did beforehand. Similar video teleconferencing apps like Microsoft Teams have begun to offer similar teambuilding options as well.

  • With the recent move to remote work, many workplaces have turned to online video calls and meetings to keep workers in touch. Zoom, of all the options on the market, has become almost synonymous with this change. But meetings with coworkers have just gotten a new element as Zoom has added nine games to their regular meeting service.

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What this means for Zoom users varies widely on their work environment. In general, it gives employees an opportunity to have group meetings with an added layer of non-work related activities. Workplaces often look for team-building exercises and non-work related activities and this is one such example that eliminates the need to meet in person. But for those workplaces that don’t rely much on Zoom or online meetings, this news holds much less appeal.

There are nine options currently listed in the Zoom App Marketplace: Team Games, Just Say The Word, LGN Poker, Gaggle Party, Ask Away, Werewolf with Friends, meetings.fun, Dive, and Heads Up. With word guessing games, classic card games, and trivia, these options add a new flavor to the traditional meetings held on the app. Each one offers a different style game option to play and these allow Zoom Meetings participants to jump into a non-work related activity with their coworkers. Each one should be playable and compatible with Zoom Meetings and the host need only schedule a team outing as part of the meeting in order to add the activity.

Adding games to the service and having them be playable within meetings seems like a potential great benefit. Those who have become accustomed to the work-from-home lifestyle are likely already familiar with Zoom and online meetings and so this transition could be seamless. With the pandemic still around, remote work and meetings are likely going to remain a reality for many and this provides an interesting option.

These games won’t appeal to all, however. Though the option at least adds a new aspect of Zoom, not all remote workers will enjoy the idea of games in meetings. Team-building exercises can hit people the wrong way and even interesting game options can’t ease that anxiety. Either way though, these titles at least offer a new option for meetings that have become dull or repetitive.

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