YouTube Music will soon get one of the most requested features on mobile devices

YouTube Music will soon have one of the most requested features on mobile devices

YouTube Music is becoming a real successor to the Google Play Music app, but there is still a long way to go. Fortunately, developers add new features almost every week, and when they don’t, they test new features on different platforms.

Reddit users recently noticed that YouTube music developers (via XDA developers) are testing a brand new feature that allows mobile users to listen to a library playlist.

The ability to download songs from your library is probably one of the most requested features and is likely to become available to mobile users soon. Reddit user Iordbrack claims to have found a new “Library Tracks” playlist on the YouTube Music app on Android that also has a download button that allows users to download one or more tracks for offline listening.

The Library Tracks playlist is automatically generated by the YouTube Music app and looks like a standard playlist. The difference is that you can also download the music to your phone aside from the fact that you can shuffle the playlist.

Although the feature is fully implemented (it shows a 404 error), Android users who find it on their devices can download it and view the playlist offline. It looks like the new feature is still in the works, but at least we know that YouTube Music developers are working hard to bring the app to the level of Google Play Music.

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