Your Ubisoft PC games are now ready to stream on Amazon Luna

News Summary:

  • But Luna’s only drawback is that one of these subscriptions is always required. That is, until now. Amazon Luna is available starting today, allowing gamers to stream his Ubisoft games purchased on his PC without requiring a subscription to his channel. Amazon and Ubisoft accounts are all you need to purchase compatible games. The only subscription required is Amazon Prime. By syncing Ubisoft Connect with Luna, players can instantly stream purchased content to more devices, including Chromebooks and smartphones, without having to download it.

  • Amazon Luna is one of the great cloud gaming options for playing many Ubisoft titles. Big upgrade this week. You can now sync your Luna purchases to your PC and play without a subscription. Since its inception, Amazon Luna has operated solely on a subscription model. Players can access the game through “channels”. Each channel contains a selection of rotating games. One of these channels is his Ubisoft+, which offers a selection of Ubisoft games for $17.99/month and lets you share the subscription cost with other platforms like PC.

But unlike other cloud platforms like Stadia that allow purchases, these games can also be downloaded and played on your PC. Amazon recommends that future purchases from the Ubisoft Store automatically appear in Luna once your accounts are linked. In addition to this new feature, Amazon Luna is also introducing minor changes to Prime Gaming. Prime members using Ubisoft’s games in this way may experience latency during “peak” times, but members with a Luna+ subscription will have faster access. It’s a bit like the Nvidia GeForce Now.

It offers free access for a limited time to those willing to wait during peak hours, but it’s a “preferred” subscription that gets the slot first.