You’ll soon be able to change keyboard shortcuts on ChromeOS

News Summary:

  • Kevin C. Tofel was the first to notice this change on Chromebooks, allowing you to view a version of the View Keyboard Shortcuts app (although he points out that creating custom his shortcuts still doesn’t work ). A very early iteration was published on the Chrome Story YouTube channel late last year, but now you can try it yourself.

  • If you switch between your Chromebook and your Windows or macOS computer, you may run into issues switching between different sets of keyboard shortcuts. But it looks like we’ll soon be able to do this a little easier. Experimental features in ChromeOS 111 Beta show progress in changing OS shortcuts.

After enabling the experimental flag, you can go to Settings > Devices > Keyboard > Show keyboard shortcuts. By clicking on Shortcuts, you can add new shortcuts (though they don’t really seem to work yet) or customize existing shortcuts. You will definitely be able to effectively remap shortcuts to your liking.

An eventual full release is a big deal and puts Chrome on par with other more flexible operating systems in this area. Beta users who leave the flag enabled, however, may be able to slowly see the full feature before it stabilizes.

When we see the full version of these customization options depends on how long ChromeOS 111 takes to move into the beta process and general rollout. The last stable channel update for ChromeOS came at the end of January, jumping to version 109.0.5414.