You should try these 8 Android spies Phone Apps now

Points Highlighted:

  • After hours of thorough analysis and test runs, Halvorson Media Group has announced the release of the report “Best Android Phone Spy Apps.” These will aid users in choosing the best product.

  • These are smartphone surveillance applications that ease the task of tracking stolen phones. You can detect suspicious activity on your child’s phone, and create a safe digital environment. There are several spy apps out there, but not all are safe and effective.

Evaluation Criteria

What good will a spy phone app do if you can’t use it the way you want right? We ensure that the services reviewed through this release qualify phone spy apps as per utility.


Customer Support:

Prompt, responsible, and selfless customer support is a must. Our reviewed spyware apps cater to your needs 24/7 and at the earliest.


Our press release features some of the best hidden spy apps for Android and iPhone. They are engineered with a convenient UI & UX. This enables even non-tech savvy users to get around using these services. Which ANdroid Apps Have We Reviewed Today?

mSpy Our Score: 8.1/10

mSpy is a popular phone monitoring app among parents. It has primary features like access to the target device’s GPS location. You can even access social media accounts and call history. Why Do Users Recommend mSpy?

Spyera Our Score: 6.4/10

Spyera is one of those spyware apps that will help you secure your business. It keeps track of suspicious activity by your employees and helps them in times of need. Why Do Users Recommend Spyera?