You need a cheap machine to run simple applications. Take this refurbished MacBook Air, for example

You need a cheap machine to run simple applications.  Take this refurbished MacBook Air, for example

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  • It may make more sense to consider a beater computer that can run your basic, everyday programs than an expensive computer that usually runs essential software. This refurbished MacBook Air is on sale for just $290.99, and it could be an excellent machine for simple computing that has to get done daily.

  • A Refurbished MacBook Air is currently available for for $290.99 instead of $1,399, a 79% reduction. Even while the newest, flashiest laptops have some fantastic bells and whistles, if all you do is check email or use Google Docs, you definitely don’t need the most up-to-date technology. Even while 5TB of hard drive space might be excellent, you can obtain more with reliable cloud storage and never have to worry about losing anything to a misplaced cup of coffee.

An affordable alternative to a brand-new computer. If you spend a lot of your computer time in Google Suite, Microsoft Office, or other lightweight productivity programs, then you may not need a high-cost, top-spec machine. This refurbished MacBook has an Intel Core i5 processor, a 256GB SSD, and 4GB of RAM. It isn’t the most powerful computer, but it could be an affordable workhorse if your typical workflow doesn’t involve demanding apps like 4K video editing, 3D modeling, or testing games. This one even comes with a wireless mouse.

Though this is a refurbished computer, it has a “B” rating, meaning it may only have some light scuffing, dings, or dents on the body of the computer. Of course, those could also be covered up by the snap-on black case that’s included with this bundle. Delegate some of your computing to an affordable laptop. You may not need a brand new computer for the work you’re doing. Instead, get this refurbished MacBook Air for $290.99 (Reg. $1,399). The Largest Military Planes In The World Are A Sight To Behold. Read more fromHive Media.

You could also use this little computer as an excellent streaming machine. Want to enjoy a documentary on a wider screen than your phone’s while still being able to move around the house? Throw it onto your MacBook Air. You could even connect a wireless speaker or headphones via Bluetooth for more immersive sound.

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